Sweater weather….

Winters are nearly ending and again looking back there is so much to cherish, I am not a big fan of winters, but this year after coming back from Mumbai; somewhere I have enjoyed this weather.

Be it waking up and having a warm cup of coffee, getting cozy on bed and reading my favourite novel; it was all very warm!

Even I have watched so many Christmas movies and I felt it like I am there only surrounded with snow.

Each weather has their own memories and essence in one’s life; like if I recall the days when we used to go to school during winters it was very hard to get up from your bed; even washing the face was a task!

the best part was the pahadi food mom used to make for us to keep us warm and trust me it was delicious 🙂

Then the bonfire life with background music on and feel the chill; this can happen only in winters; don’t you think so?

post school it was work life and wow there used to be chai break and winters and chai they have very good chemistry.

Even I like the clothes, colorful warm sweaters, long coats, long socks and the caps!

I have an enormous collection of caps, and trust me I can keep experimenting with my looks if I have loads of cap.

I don’t know how much you can relate to me but yes winters are nice when you are with friends and family or maybe when you are with your favourite book.

Since now summer is coming and winter is already vanishing, I am gonna miss all those chill moments 🙂


Author- Mitali Rawat

The one who Rouse!


My blogs are a compilation of people; who have taken the risk to do something out of the box, who were rebellious, funny, and crazy?

Somewhat they did what I always wanted to do and trust me such people keep inspiring me I just can’t stop talking about them.

I met such souls in every city be it DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGLORE, GOA……

It’s not that I am searching for these souls, but it’s just I am lucky to have them in my life and I can tell their stories through my blogs, you never know they might inspire you as well.

A few weeks back I started following a professional dancer on Instagram and queried about the dance class timing and all.

He was very generous; he told me and keep asking me to visit at least for the demo class; I was so busy with work from home that I couldn’t.

One fine day when I was actually scrolling the Instagram profiles I told him to let’s meet and hear his story, he said yes, and after two failed plans; that’s so me.

We finally agreed when to meet and where to meet!

He came to pick me up and then we went to a TEA SHOP…

And trust me, the moment he picked me up he was way to funny; I was laughing aloud!

And then The TEA came and as promised he started telling me his story like how he always wanted to dance and never get the chance in his school, but in college, he got the chance and how he wanted to do a course of mass communication and he ended up with engineering and MBA!

How he started working with corporates and how he used to clear the interviews as smooth as butter.

And later than how he quit the job, came back to his hometown, and realize that he should opt his dance as a profession; being a hip hoper to taking part in DID in past and then joined the D MANIAX for his journey; then asking dad for that one chance to showcase his skills and he can do much better by his dance rather than working for some process-oriented corporate!

He did research, learned the forms, dedicated endless hours to his dance and now after three years look at him he is owning an academy with almost 100 + students and the majority is female!

I mean wow; the inspiring soul how he took a charge of his life and work really hard for his dream.

While speaking with his students; the kids were really cute and telling me how KSHITIJ is much better teacher than anyone else; a friend….

I think we all are looking for a friend and KSHITIJ in our teachers; who understand our fear; help us with the skills, polish it and give us the wings to fly.

I am sure he will be super successful because his attitude towards dance and his students is not to be on top or compete with anyone, but to be better than yesterday and that’s the best thing I found in his perspective.

Being a person from the hardcore industry I eventually asked him what is your 5 year vision, and he said there is no vision of five years I just want to do a step ahead in a year from where I am today.

I mean it’s good; you learn from someone you just met.



Author–Mitali Rawat

that one BREAK…..

I love taking breaks now and then; it makes me feel alive and think what is it I needed the most.

Breaks are important whether its work, relationship, from normal routines or with anything which you are doing regularly.

Even when we were in school there used to be lunch break of 30 minutes and that was the best thing, and the key thing we always looking out for; the reasons were billions, a. I wanted to have my lunch b. Someone wants to see some random face; we used to see the entire school in one place.

And the saga continues; after school it was college; and again the most obvious things breaks; where we can gossip; chit chat and look around.

In, my school days I was a person who used to roam or take the rounds of the school ground.

And after school it was me and my headphones and the roads…

BREAKS are important whether it’s a quick break in a day or long break from your career…

Or whenever you switched from a place to another; or even you need a break from your best friend to recreate the charm 🙂

I take a break and trust me that makes me happy and I always come up as a strong and positive person.

Because what all I missed during my work; I do it on my break; and once the break is over I am more confident and ready for the additional work.

I think we all should take some break, to rethink, to rejuvenate, to be happy, to get relaxed and to spend some good quality time with our self…

so what are you waiting for get up and take a break.


Author- Mitali Rawat

I miss MUMBAI…..

If someone ask me about my favourite city, or a city who changed me for forever; the answer would be MUMBAI……

From, the age of 18 I wanted to be in MUMBAI... but seems to be far and very far from me.

There was nobody whom I can go to and then in 2015 there was a good friend who told me or forced me to come to MUMBAI, and finally I made it happened.

It was my first flight; I was so nervous but MUMBAI was calling me, the moment I landed over there my heart was smiling and feeling LOVE.

My friend was there waiting for my flight and there we go Andheri west veera desai for the first time 🙂 I cooked food for me and my friends, we talked a little and I was so tired that I slept early…

The very next my friend told me the plan, and I was ready for everything, beaches, pubs, market and his favourite coffee shop I mean wow…..

While returning from Mumbai there was a pain and I felt like there is something I am leaving behind.

After, almost three years in 2018 I made a plan again to meet my love MUMBAI….

The company I used to work in Delhi had their head-office so it was work who made me visit Mumbai and again those four days were the happiest, every time I am in this city, this city made me smiled 🙂

then in the same year I planned again for Mumbai and this time it was for a month and by that time I have decided that I will move to Mumbai if I got a chance.

God has a plan for me in 2019 I moved to Mumbai, spend almost a year before covid hit; and trust me, the experience of living in a PG, going for a morning walk, exploring every bit of Mumbai was so good.

MUMBAI made me happy every single day, I fall in love with people, there are so many stories from tea to beach, from cafe to hotel….

From knowing others to knowing my ownself, to travel with friends to solo…

Everything was so perfect in 2019 with this city, I am missing this city and the people like anything but don’t know when I can be back there for like forever!!!

Till, the time all I can do is gaze the picture and just call my another family who are there full of love and making me smile and me and they all are missing me every single day.



Author- Mitali Rawat

My Decision….

It was about a day before when one of a friend text me to catch up with him since he was in town; I was okay with it; since I was meeting him after two years I was very excited about this meeting.

He finally came to pick me up, and we went to a coffee shop, as mentioned in my earlier blog I have recently quit my new job and he asked me what I was up to these days related to my career.

I told him I have recently quit this job and my blogging is continue; however, he started giving me the advice what should I do and I should write on some specific content not on stories.

As per him nobody is interested in reading someone’s story!

He was just trying to tell me wake me and think what is I want from life and career; that made me little upset and demotivated.

Bur then I thought it’s my life; my choices and I am the only person handles my happiness and settlement; just to please others or make others justify, I will not live a life what others are living.

I will not continue working on a job where I am unhappy and I cannot show my creativity, potential!

I will not maintain a relationship with half hearted and cry everyday on it.

Life has been stressful now and then but it’s only us can make it easy by our own choices.

I am glad that I took the chances and risk so that I won’t be regretting later for it.

It’s my life my decision and atleast if the decision is wrong, I will blame me for that not anyone else.

So whether it’s job, my dreams, my clothes or choosing a partner for life; it will be my soul decision.

And I guess we all are individual and the decision should be ours, which is going to affect are life now and then.

So love yourself and respect your decisions.

Author- Mitali Rawat


Many people wanted to work from home in their respective jobs! Covid made this happen for most of us; but now what?? Is it really happening or we need to get back to our offices?

I recently quit one more job and now I badly wanted to go to office where I can see some actual people and talk to them when there is a break, when I need a coffee or even If I am frustrated for any xyz reason.

Seems like a dream that we used to go to office, getting ready was a fun thing to do for most of us, most of my days I used to think what should I wear today?

But now there are pajamas and t-shirt is what I am usually wearing for work; more or more some shirt on the virtual meeting days!

Now I understand why is it so important to go out for work and then coming back home is a joyous thing, why meeting people is so important; because every individual comes from different aspects of life and they have a story to tell or maybe something to share; from food to stress. And you always learn from others.

We all are interdependent here and we cannot work for forever from our home, there is a balance we all need from our work life and from our home and families.

I am looking forward to go back to my office and meet my friends over there; and I guess god is reading my every word and back there he is planning a super surprise for me and you.

So start your countdown and get ready to go back to your sunny places I will see you soon with another blog.


Author- Mitali Rawat

AIR is magical….

While speaking over a call with a darling friend, my eyes got stuck with the date and suddenly I realise that from tomorrow onwards it will be a valentine week!

And just after that I took the memory lane of the most beautiful school days where we used to celebrate all these days with full hopes, I used to daydream that one day someone will land up with the rose or maybe chocolate and he will say that hey I am in love with you.

Irony of my life it still not happening even after years, but there is some magic in the air, which makes you feel good, any day can be the love day but it is magical where you dream, hope and wait for some magic.

I am also waiting for such magic that one day that one person will come with a single cute little rose in his hand and he will say the same thing.

Back then those days where we used to get roses for our friends, chocolates, teddy bear, we used to watch the couples, proposals, heart breaks; everything was so lovely and there was nothing beyond that.

Now look at us we are grown up, we don’t believe in such gestures but yes if I will see someone somewhere standing and shying out I guess I will smile and remembering the day when was the last time I did this same thing.

Hope one day this blog he will read because somewhere I have written this for you to read it and get me that cute little red rose.

Happy valentine week


Author- Mitali Rawat

Random calls….

Many times people asked me how come I can be in touch with so many people since years and I was like I don’t call them daily, but I can call anyone randomly, and that’s how we are in touch with so many people.

And this is not the case with only people who are very close or some friends, this is the case with everyone I met and who is affecting and changing my life.

Be it a teacher, maid or a doctor; what is the harm to wish someone a good morning or just drop a hello or maybe ask a friend to meet over a cup of coffee, you never know that coffee meet will convert into sharing a piece of cheesecake, and maybe that one random call will tell you a lot about that person’s life which no one can tell you but that person can?

Or maybe your random call made someone’s day or make someone smile somewhere or maybe solve a problem?

It’s good to be in touch when you can’t visit the people who means to you, no matter when and how you do it, just make few calls and see the difference in your life.

I love making such random calls, from my college senior to old pg mate; I feel one call makes you smile and takes you back to the place where you started something with someone.

So after reading this blog why not make a random call to someone, but there was no reason or maybe you thought your friend is busy, stop thinking too much just dialled the number and do a random call today 🙂

Love you

Author- Mitali Rawat

I left my heart!

It’s been a week since I came from BAGESHWAR and trust me, I am no longer the same person.

I am totally in love with the peace, people and place surrounded with hills, I have realise how we all are different but still connected with our own culture and love for hills.

It was again a random plan to travel with a very close friend to her hometown and a plan to live with her family for a week; however, it got extended, and I was there with them for almost two weeks.

The life I was living here and the live I have seen there was very different, but somehow I left my heart over there with them.

How they used to start their morning and how getting up with a mountain view gave me a peace for life, how after ages I ate breakfast with the intact family and how it was too different from my family.

Here back in my home my routine is just got up and do your morning routine and start your work but there I saw people getting up early talking to each other, working together and then eating together; then making time for each other and never miss the important meals together; everyone was aware about the meal timings and I was in love with the discipline and talks during that time.

Even when I was there, I used to make my bed, get up on time and then get ready for the breakfast and then during the daytime we used to sit together for the fun chit chat; and I started winding up my work a little early so that I can be there on time to spend more time with them.

It was not very different from a life I had when my grandparents were alive; and doing all discussions related to my culture, what they believe and their perspective.

I was so comfortable for the very first time; I don’t know who made it; the people who was there in that house, the mountains or it was me.

But the trip, those evening walks, skipping work just to be with them and then talking anything and laughing out loud was the best part of this vacation.

I was so stress free and in between the stay I did not even realise that I am not in touch with people outside the house; I was not missing anything but just love being there.

Still writing how I felt and how I left my heart to this city is making me overwhelmed, strange but this feeling is so different that it feels like I was there since very long and that place belongs to me.

Those mountains, river they are calling me again and making me smile and wetting my eyes on the same time.



AUTHOR-Mitali Rawat

Random Thoughts

After coming back from a trip of 15 days, I cannot write anything the reason I don’t know, all I did is just completed the book I was reading since very long and now starting a new book.

These days reading gives me immense peace and ideas to write but again I am not ready to write about my recent trip, but I will gather the courage and I will write soon.

Till then I will keep feeding my mind and try to meet people, for me meeting new and old people works like medicine for me, they gave me energy, new hopes, new ideas and smile.

This blog is nothing specific just writing my thoughts, whatever is coming to me; however, I have read that we should plan our content, do this and that for your writing; but then I thought why to follow the rules when you can actually make one or break one.

Writing gives you peace and a way to express and tell what your heart says and every writer has his or her own style to do it; so why to follow the rules just go with the flow and maybe one day someone is reading this blog and following you or maybe dare to make one out of it.

Not all can dare to take risk; but who do, they are the people knowns by generation after generation, you will be alive even after your death somewhere in someone’s story or in this blog.

With Love

Author – Mitali Rawat