The Missing Cat..

I am not a pet person but I do like them, so I used to have a dog during my school days, and when I look back to those memories, they were the best. Pets are your stress buster and good friends.

They can play with you, love you back when no one can and release your stress.

After that I got busy with work and got no other pet, but then one fine day there was a cat with two kittens, roaming around our house.

My mom started feeding them, after sometime we started playing with them and then that cat gave birth to more babies.

There were so tiny and so cute that we fell in love with them. One fine day I was out with friends and my mom called me and told me about how some street dogs killed the cat and now the kittens are looking for their mother.

I felt bad and then after that day we tried to feed the kittens and the elder cats.

I used to get treats for them, and they were sweet. Out of all those 4 cats and kittens, there was a very cute one with golden hair and beautiful eyes. She was fast and furious, even used to give me her hand, and was always ready to play.

Time was passing with them in such a pleasant manner, but one day she vanished. We waited for her but she just went or maybe was killed by the big cats; we all miss her but we don’t know where she is.

She was just different, even writing this blog, I feel sad about the fact that she is not around us. May god bless her wherever she is.

Like the cat there are people who come and go in our lives, and leave the memories with us. We missed them very hard but at the end it was just a chapter. We cannot control someone’s arrival and departure all we can do is to have the best of it, by spending today’s in the best possible way.

So the only thing is whether you are with a friend, a love or be it your family, just stay there in the present and give them their best so that you will not regret in the future for not loving them, telling them your love, caring for them.

Just believe that this is the chapter of your life and you have to live it to the fullest.


Mitali Rawat


It’s been a while, and I have been into Hollywood movies, earlier I was never a big fan of Hollywood but then gradually I have enjoyed every bit.

I guess it’s been more than a month I have watched so many of them and it was all about follow your heart, be kind, love someone, give life a chance, smile more, look the brighter side, the little things matters a lot.

We have seen people running after their career, making big money, big houses, lot of cars, lavish lifestyle.

But what makes someone happy every day, is it a big dining hall with full of fancy food, can you eat that food daily?

Is it about the big car; the expensive in the town, is that makes you happy like entire life?

Is it that money in your locker?

What is it??

Or maybe a small cozy house with your love ones? Where when you wake in his arms, and maybe someday he or someday you will make up the breakfast!

Or is it watching a movie together or may do yoga together.

Maybe take a hot shower together even when you are too old, when you know what he will say next and you are so sure about his feelings and he is yours.

Life is about meeting your old friends over a cup of coffee, and just reliving the old moments just about talking and watching the old pictures together.

Life is very simple, we just need to stop somewhere to feel the moments, all about these Hollywood movies give me intense hope and positivity that life can be change, and it will change for good one day, everything will look great from there; all you need is a sweet smile to die for, and a hot cup of coffee.

Some stories to tell, music to listen, new recipes and old recipes to make and few more birthdays to celebrate.

Every time I watch something I feel life is all about feeling good about your life, what all you have and following your dreams.



Mitali Rawat

Guilt Trip…

Today I was trying to write a story on my guilt trip, but trust me writing about those who I have hurt intentionally or unintentionally was difficult.
Writing the entire story is like going back to the whole thing and seeing how badly I made someone’s life so miserable.
I feel guilty, bad about myself. It is like when we are almost over with some pain and then someone comes back and reminds us about everything.
Guilt trip is equal to poison in your hand, a death note, a loss.
But for how long we can live with a guilt trip, that we have done some serious damage or crime against someone’s feelings?
I guess all we can do is to be away from that person, take them time to heal and maybe never go back to them and remind them how they chose a wrong person, how they trusted a wrong person.
We should just apologise for what all bad we did with someone. Whether it was unintentional, it still happened. Sorry cannot heal the pain but at least if you have realized that you have done this mistake, from your side, it’s a good attempt.
Try never ever hurt anybody’s feelings. Think twice before you say anything, commit to anything because you never know how hard it is going to affect to somebody and their life.
I feel sorry for some that I have hurt, just keep asking god to forgive me on their behalf. Everyday, I am just trying to put a smile on someone’s face, maybe their blessings would help me overcome my guilt.


Mitali Rawat

One phone call!

While sipping my morning coffee, I received a call and that deal I was working on got closed, suddenly I was super happy.

And in this a thought came to my mind how just one call can make and break your mood.

It can be anything good news or bad news, but yes it’s all about that one phone call.

I still remember how that one call made my life changed when I was teaching a few kids at my house long back; when my cousin called me and offered me a job.

Luckily that one phone call and one decision changed my life for forever, I took a chance, worked on it and I got everything I have asked for.

So I have this firm belief keep trying and always answer your call, you never know which phone call can give you the best news of your life.

Talking to your people, discussing what bothering you, how your day went and how someone matters to you, a phone call can do it all.

Take out some time from your busy life and make that one phone call and maybe by doing that you can change someone’s mood from bad to good, low to High and happy to happier.

Iam glad that I am having gratitude for such little things which makes big difference.

Mitali Rawat

Why do we blog?

Since the time I have written blogs, and I have full time to do it, guess what, the interest in writing my thoughts has become very less.

Earlier I used to write to share my feelings, to feel light and now it’s more of presentation, ideas and grammar, the sentence formation.

and may be that’s all bothering me, and pushing me back to do nothing.

I am not a regular blogger, but then I realise why I have started this, and the reason was as clear as this blog, that I want to write, I want to pour my thoughts everywhere; so that I should be thankful that I have utilise my time in doing the things I always wanted to do, so now I will just write and Iam sure things will fall into their respective place in their own sweet time.

We all are in fear of losing, getting caught by others and may delay the things we love doing, but for what, whom and why we do that.

we have present, there is no tomorrow, all we need to do is today rather than keep postponing it which will never come.

I don’t need to take stress on that my work is just do it and keep doing it regularly; nothing gonna be waste.



Spread the smile..

There are so many thoughts travelling since this second wave of covid started in India, everywhere I am seeing the news of lack of oxygen, beds, medicines!

People are dying, all this pandemic we have seen in movies, but this time we are facing it every day with our own people.

We are living in fear, covering ourselves, saving just our own life and in between this, there are rascals who are just taking advantage of everything, I don’t understand why some people are like this, why they are not understanding that someone somewhere is watching all of us, in our good and bad doings.

People are falling, losing and getting panic attacks, but all we can do is to be strong and help each other in the best possible way.

I know we all are tired of being home, few of us don’t even have jobs and money to pay the bills and the food we need.

But all we can do is just be together and help at least one needy, be it your maid, cook or gardener.

Maybe you can just give them their full salary because they depend on us and so do their family.

Spread the smile wherever and whenever it is possible, the tough time will pass soon, just be more courageous, the ones who are far from family, call them, talk to them and make them smile.

There are a few who are with family, but still message them ask them about how they are spending their time and keeping themselves safe.

In this scenario keeping in touch, sharing the smile is important.

We can also share the chores with our family, since the help is not there and one person cannot do everything by their own.

The way you pamper yourself, you can always do a little care of your sibling, make a wonderful coffee, give them a good head massage, watch a movie together, you can even do a workout challenge with them.

Keep yourself busy and look around there will be something worth doing and sharing a smile.

Stay tuned.


Author- Mitali Rawat

Go Solo…

When there was no trend of solo travelling, and there are some people who used to travel solo and posted nothing about it, even I started my solo travelling from that time.

But then I always wanted to travel more and when I was 29, I thought this time it should be a short solo trip; that’s when I decided Lonavala to be that place.

I wondered how I have checked with every single person about Lonavala and then did my research.

Checked the camp, the price and the distance the weather and the safety.

After checking it all, I went to shop the essentials, and I was all ready for this long-awaited trip, I am not a regular traveler; I do travel but there is nothing called a list to go on.

It’s like always a random plan, and for me random plans work!

It was few days from new year I packed my bag just an hour ago and then left for the bus stand.

After waiting for a long time I got to know that I missed my bus and now I have to decide how I am going to Lonavala.

I am a person of less patience so went by cab; it was 2 hr of journey from Mumbai; I took a cab and there was a friend (music) who made my journey fantastic.

In between the journey I had vada pav one of my favourite thing which made me miss Mumbai always.

Then after reaching the place, the camp driver was already there to pick me up and the beautiful journey begins, the whole route was beautiful, full of green trees, hills and clean roads.

Finally, after 20mins of drive to this beautiful place, I came to this camp surrounded by the beautiful Pawna lake.

There were camps near the lake, and there was one house where the caretaker was.

He offered me tea and pakoras (bhajiye in Mumbai language) I had it and then started reading my handy book and was just gazing the surrounding beauty.

After sometime there were people started coming to the place which was a family, group of friends, and there three more girls who were just roaming around, giggling around and taking photographs together and passing a sweet smile to me.

Time was missing, there was darkness and lots of lights were shinning, music was on and then we all started doing barbeque and then there was again a beautiful feeling while doing all this alone.

Later in the evening while everyone was listening the music and having the barbequed food.

And then suddenly the girls asked me to join them and I went there to sit with them, we danced a lot, had our dinner together, we sit near a bonfire, had a long chat about life all along and it was a nice evening.join

By 2am I was in my camp for sleep , next morning I woke up and the view was amazing and very peaceful.

We took a village tour with the new friends, sit near the lake and then after sometime we exchange numbers, the girls were very sweet and I had a great time with them.

You came solo but once you connect with people you are never solo, my solo trip taught me one thing, wherever you go, you will get some people just like you for forever.

Finally, I headed towards Mumbai and it was a memorable trip, whenever I see the pictures I feel great and yes that was my solo trip where I met friends for life.


Author- Mitali Rawat

Yes! I do regret…

It was a usual morning; I was with my friend for a morning workout, and she asked my today’s agenda and I told her my roughly plan.

Post that I came home and again did one more challenging workout.

While going for a shower, I have opened my mailbox and saw some LinkedIn notifications, and there I saw how one of my friend who runs a company got his first funding.

There comes a regret, we often say this to ourselves, do things without a regret, but do we actually do everything without a regret?

Before writing this blog I have raise this question to one of my very close friend that have you ever regret?

And her answer was many times!

We are human beings; we made so many mistakes and I guess we keep doing that for the rest of our lives.

We try to do the best things and do not regret, but most of the times we regret, like if we explore a new place which is famous for the food and we don’t like the food then I may say we regret.

We go for shopping and get wrong dress even after trying it; we regret.

We regret on the dates we go after few conversations!

We regret on the job we took, the offer we reject in past!

The guy we said no in the past, the job we left!

It’s like a never-ending saga but how can you make it up.

How will you stop regretting again and again on the same thing, and I would suggest do something better that yesterday, keep trying there will be regrets but there will be good things too?

There will be a propitious moment too, what you did was correct in past and may be worse for present but then again what gone is gone you cannot help and you cannot rewind the time.

Just improve your present with outstanding work, good energy and maybe take some good risk and then I am sure there will be lesser regrets!

But only regrets made us grow and do the next thing more wisely that what we did yesterday.

Regrets are not bad they just teach us few things.


Author- Mitali Rawat

Life is always better with people like you….

Life is always better with people like you…..

How many times you feel this way with people you met? If I close my eyes, there are very few people whom you feel this way, but trust me they are magical in the way they speak to you and made you feel boosted, motivated, and full of positivity.

I am glad there are such people in my life, whom I have never met in real, they know you for few months and they know me much better than anyone else.

Isn’t it strange, there are so many people in your life, even the one who are there with you may be since years, but they don’t know how to make you smile, but some strangers do?

How meeting such souls or I may say talking to them over the call creating such big effects in our life.

I am currently thrilled with such souls, who are taking out time for me, telling me, and guiding me in my new journey towards fitness or anything new.

What to eat what not to eat, what is right and wrong like I feel I am blessed with such people, I may repeat few things repeatedly, but see how life is so beautiful with such people that I didn’t even realise that these people are someone very new, but the way they made me smile, the way they appreciate the little things I do and the way I talk, it all made me feel blessed.

Life is always better when such people are around, isn’t it.

I think we all should value such people in our life, who understand us, made us smile, took out time for us and motivate us to grow.

Gratitude is important.

Life seems better with such people, who help you grow and smile when even you forget to smile, or maybe I may say you don’t know what is in you, they just remind you how good you are.

That motivation is something which keep us moving towards a better tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for; call that someone and smile again.


Author- Mitali Rawat


It’s been more than a week, I haven’t opened my laptop; I was planning to write a new blog but somewhere and somewhat I have postponed it too much, since the day I have left my last job.

I have became too lazy person when it comes about my writing.

I have written two blogs in a day before this blog and post that there was a long silence, so much thoughts were running on my mind, even when I was sleeping I wanted to write about so many things, but there was laziness who was holding me back again and again.

Whatever we have today, being a human we will surely gonna miss this thing but once the moment will pass, then only we realized the importance of what we have lost.

Likewise, there are few things we have enjoyed and cherished and there are few things we took for granted; like there might be a few of us who have taken their parents for granted and after loosing them they must have realized that what all they have lost now.

Even a few of us must be single because they never care for the one who used to love them like anything, there are so many things we forget and took for granted in life.

We realized later; we regret later.

Our every action and reaction is affecting our and other’s life but we failed to understand these small things.

Since the time I came to this beautiful city and started meeting all the old people, I have realized how much everything has changed now and how there are few things or I might say people are still same.

How there is love, humanity, care and how there is still immaturity in some.

How we all are growing up differently and we have a unique perspective towards life.

How what I am seeing varies from your side.

How we all are searching happiness in different areas and how we all are struggling with ourselves and with this entire world.

There are so many things to look, feel and be happy but where are we, what are we doing, what exactly all of us want.

If you can pick four people, there will be a different answer you will hear.

How strange this world is, I wonder what all will be there in coming days.

Stay tuned for the next blog.


Author — Mitali Rawat

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