Consistency is the key.

So I read a lot before I write anything for my new blogs and I agreed to this that there should be a time to write, there should be a lot reading and regular writing if we are aspiring writer. And consistency is the key for anything you love.

I mean if you want to continue your passion as your profession according to me, there is no perfect time to start that; all you can do is start right now.

Don’t wait for anything, waiting is just delaying. And nothing is late.

Most of my friends are in doubt and keep asking about whether they should start something now or they are always worrying what if people will say that why they are starting something now?

Who cares? Why are you in first place thinking about others; do what makes you happy. Your happiness is what it should count.

At the end it’s your life, your choice.

Don’t think too much about your passion, just do it and go for it.

Whether it’s cooking, think little just cook.

Photography please take that camera and start clicking, you never know god has some beautiful plans for you.

All you have to do is first trust yourself and be consistent and one day you see that you have reached where once you dreamed of.

Life is a stage, and you have to play your role, by doing the best acting.

So whatever is it which makes you happy and keeps you going just don’t stop and wait for anything; get up and start doing and then you will feel the best feeling and maybe you will master something you never thought of.

Maybe by your consistency someone somewhere got inspired.

I have this believe never lose hope and keep doing. Somebody is watching you and making out a way for you and your dreams.

I know one day I will be super famous and a wonderful writer; I will tell the best story and my pet dialogue that consistency is the key and trust yourself.

You are the one who can make it.


Mitali Rawat



And while continuing to my routine of reading I have realized that I can actually relate to the term dark days, where you don’t feel like talking to anyone and you started creating a distant from every person.

You don’t feel like getting up from your bed; you feel cranky, sad and all weird!

Rain gives you happiness and a good excuse to not to go out!

Old friends may give you a reason to smile, but new bees are big no!

Mantras and spirituality makes you move, and you can believe every dammn thing you never thought too.

One day I feel like eating everything and one day I feel like eating nothing.

But this morning after getting up and writing a letter to the guy I started liking, I realized that this is my life, and I have to decide that what and how I am going to spend my day and life; when anyone got out of it.

Do I want to cry over it or I should cherish the moment which was best in the past.

By getting sad about it; all I will get gloomy and low energies but if I become happy the chance of getting more happiness will increase.

The past one year wasn’t easy for anyone of us, we have lost something and at some point we have realized the value of so many little things; if I look back to any incident, I would say that yes this happened to me and this was the reason behind it.

So maybe I feel that my dark days are going, but I am still learning out of it, I have become a better person after all the setbacks and obstacles.

I have valued my relationships, my close friends and I am distant with the unnecessary stuff and I am glad that I am no longer the same person I used to be.

I like the change; pain has given me.

I am sure tomorrow brings all the joy I deserve but yes till that time I know today is not forever and dark days converts into a bright day for sure.


Mitali Rawat

Happy place!

I walked with nothing in mind, but the moment I saw this place crowded with bright smiles; somewhere and somewhat I knew this is going to be my happy place one day.

AICL Communications! I am still not over with the name and the people out there.

From the day to the last I know how my days over there, long working hours, Internal meetings to offsite trips!

Birthday celebration to work achievements, team dinners to after office parties.

Everything seems like yesterday, and I am about to complete one year when I left this place!

The owner, itself is a person I can always say I am proud of, the amount of wisdom he has, and the way he runs the entire organization.

The young minds over there, they all were very calm, sweet and with them working was so much fun.

The people from a different religion but big heart matters a lot.

In a brief span of time, they all were my sunny place.

It was regular stuff to go on coffee and tea breaks with different people with whom I used to share a very different vibe.

Bad day good day all days with them were worth it.

I never enjoyed so much in any organization, late working never bothered us, just because of the people out there.

Looking back there are so many splendid memories, laughter, and tears too.

So many friendly souls I have come across and some become a lifelong memory.

I used to be early at the office, to set up my daily task and start my day with ease, and then used to leave sometime late sometime on time!

The vibes were so good, even whenever anybody asks about my last organization, I am so proud about it, about the people who left, who still work over there, and the clients.

The quality of work and the talented people, who are so much engrossed in their work and providing the best quality, even today I miss all sweetheart’s over there.

I have learned so much from them and today I am a much better person because of such people and stories of my life.


Mitali Rawat  


Feelings are never same, one day you feel happy and other day you are calm; one day you feel hating something or one day you are in love!

Looking back to my last week, few things happened.

I came back from my cousin’s house and started writing blogs then I got my periods and I was just relaxing more.

Later by the week I met someone through mutual friends, it was a long time I met someone new so I thought lets do it and maybe you will get a new story to write on or maybe not a story you will be motivated by some other person vibes or maybe some of his story; however, I got scared as he was into too much into drugs and polygyny/polygamy.

I understand that his life and choices are different but I was neither into drugs nor such fetish and I have cleared him the same thing but yes it was a refreshment but I was looking out for something else.

Then I met one more friend last week, he got me this really sweet dreamcatcher made by his own hand, kind a creative.

Later the same day I met one of my friend who moved from Mumbai to Delhi, we had dinner together; I am blessed to have such friends who are there for me, next day I met one more old friend and then more.

But after meeting all these very close friends of mine, the week was not good; I was not in a content stage.

There is something I was feeling which is missing till now when I am writing this.

Feelings are weird, if you are happy inside you are happy with yourself or with every set of people you met.

But when you are not happy, nobody can make you smile which reaches your eyes.

But I think feelings will change in some days, and if today I feel like sad, low and lethargic I guess let it be the way it is.

Don’t run or make your mood good forcefully.

Maybe heart need sometime with the terrible emotions before the good days or emotions can make space.

We have all the right to feel this sadness and blues.

May be after that we can cherish the good days more appropriately.

May be by this season we are somewhere learning something which later we will realize.


Mitali Rawat

After my 100th glass of wine.

This title sounds like I had 100 glasses of wine in a day? Is it? Actually, the title is inspired by a book!

After reading the name of that book I wanted to write such title, I am very much fascinated with the names, the book titles the caption on the picture.

I buy books for the title and also watch movies because of the name!

Like ENDLESS LOVE, Failure to launch, Grace and Frankie.

And most of the time I was fortunate the content and the story line comes out well.

The love for such titles, movies is since very long.

I still have so many unread books and I am reaching there step by step.

Okay so the title stories, this blog is not about wine but yes it is about how I met so many kind souls during my journey from Dehradun to Mumbai.

So if I look back and say what was the most favourite person I can say that his name was one of my favourite, I would love to pick somebody from past.


GULZAR was my colleague in my past to past organization, and this guy was very gentle soft-spoken!

I used to like him a lot, and he was one of my favourite!

I used to call him almost daily, used to send him gifts, he was father of two cute kids, but the amount of work he used to do and still he keeps the calm was applauding, I like grounded people and GULZAR was one of them.

We had a very healthy relationship; I used to respect him from my core, always in touch with him and always cherish what a great time I had with him and learned so much while working, however I was not that lucky to work regularly with him because of different office location but I still remember his smile, his attitude towards life.

By writing this blog I just got happy that finally I have captured a man who is unforgettable!


Mitali Rawat

Last Night

One of my very close friends kept asking me why she is not earning more? Or why she is not happy, and why she doesn’t have that car?

I used to reply to her that look back and see how long you have come, there might be days when you were not earning and today you are earning better and enjoying a good life.

You might be not having a car right now but soon you will have a car, house, and much, much better-paying job, it just a matter of time.

You need to understand that things will happen but in your own time.

Likewise, I was a little tough on myself last night and there was so much of a task to stop my thought.

I was disappointed, pissed, and eager for my own actions.

I don’t even remember when actually I fall to sleep but this morning I woke up by a call and then I wrote my running emotions into this blog.

I have realized that taking too much frustration and hating my action will not take me somewhere good and cannot provide me calmness.

It might take me to another level of destruction.

I have decided at least I will try to be happy today, I will love myself more again and try hard to do the best I can do today for myself.

Because everything is changing but we have to keep loving yourself, so that after maybe a few months when I am actually seeing this blog there will be a smile on my face about it about this morning and last night.

Trust me presently will be present and you always look back to the past to cherish the gone moment.


Mitali Rawat



Most of the time, people usually asked to me, what is home for you, or what reminds you of home!

And trust me there is not only one place I can say HOME, with a home for me means LOVE, CARE, FRIENDSHIP, FIGHTS, PARTY, FUN, CRYING ALOUD, BINGE WATCHING and so many chit-chats.

I still remember for me home was my grandparents who used to wake me up, with whom I used to spend my most of the time, by telling from what all I have done in school to asking for sweets, and fighting for new things.

For me home was where I used to sit with my uncle and asking him about his business, about what he is cooking, always asking questions to my cousins.

Moving forward home got changed and people too, there was a time when living with different girls from different cities, sharing a room with two other girls, sharing the same bathroom, watching same TV, eating same food, fighting with them or becoming a mother for each other when the other person used to be sick, I found home there.

I call home where love stays, where you wait for somebody, care for someone, do things with no expectation, just everything fills with love.

And I was a lucky child, I found so many such places I call HOME.

Looking back there are families, I have come across, who made me feel special, loved, cared, they have shown their concerned unconditionally that I am feeling overwhelmed.

There was a guy used to tell me you are so selfless human and a beautiful soul, but I am glad that I can say I am lucky to have beautiful souls surrounded me, wherever I go I found love and care.

And today I would like to raise a toast for all the lovely people I have ever met and wanted to say thanks sincerely, that because of their love I have so many families and so many places called home!


Mitali Rawat

The Missing Cat..

I am not a pet person but I do like them, so I used to have a dog during my school days, and when I look back to those memories, they were the best. Pets are your stress buster and good friends.

They can play with you, love you back when no one can and release your stress.

After that I got busy with work and got no other pet, but then one fine day there was a cat with two kittens, roaming around our house.

My mom started feeding them, after sometime we started playing with them and then that cat gave birth to more babies.

There were so tiny and so cute that we fell in love with them. One fine day I was out with friends and my mom called me and told me about how some street dogs killed the cat and now the kittens are looking for their mother.

I felt bad and then after that day we tried to feed the kittens and the elder cats.

I used to get treats for them, and they were sweet. Out of all those 4 cats and kittens, there was a very cute one with golden hair and beautiful eyes. She was fast and furious, even used to give me her hand, and was always ready to play.

Time was passing with them in such a pleasant manner, but one day she vanished. We waited for her but she just went or maybe was killed by the big cats; we all miss her but we don’t know where she is.

She was just different, even writing this blog, I feel sad about the fact that she is not around us. May god bless her wherever she is.

Like the cat there are people who come and go in our lives, and leave the memories with us. We missed them very hard but at the end it was just a chapter. We cannot control someone’s arrival and departure all we can do is to have the best of it, by spending today’s in the best possible way.

So the only thing is whether you are with a friend, a love or be it your family, just stay there in the present and give them their best so that you will not regret in the future for not loving them, telling them your love, caring for them.

Just believe that this is the chapter of your life and you have to live it to the fullest.


Mitali Rawat


It’s been a while, and I have been into Hollywood movies, earlier I was never a big fan of Hollywood but then gradually I have enjoyed every bit.

I guess it’s been more than a month I have watched so many of them and it was all about follow your heart, be kind, love someone, give life a chance, smile more, look the brighter side, the little things matters a lot.

We have seen people running after their career, making big money, big houses, lot of cars, lavish lifestyle.

But what makes someone happy every day, is it a big dining hall with full of fancy food, can you eat that food daily?

Is it about the big car; the expensive in the town, is that makes you happy like entire life?

Is it that money in your locker?

What is it??

Or maybe a small cozy house with your love ones? Where when you wake in his arms, and maybe someday he or someday you will make up the breakfast!

Or is it watching a movie together or may do yoga together.

Maybe take a hot shower together even when you are too old, when you know what he will say next and you are so sure about his feelings and he is yours.

Life is about meeting your old friends over a cup of coffee, and just reliving the old moments just about talking and watching the old pictures together.

Life is very simple, we just need to stop somewhere to feel the moments, all about these Hollywood movies give me intense hope and positivity that life can be change, and it will change for good one day, everything will look great from there; all you need is a sweet smile to die for, and a hot cup of coffee.

Some stories to tell, music to listen, new recipes and old recipes to make and few more birthdays to celebrate.

Every time I watch something I feel life is all about feeling good about your life, what all you have and following your dreams.



Mitali Rawat

Guilt Trip…

Today I was trying to write a story on my guilt trip, but trust me writing about those who I have hurt intentionally or unintentionally was difficult.
Writing the entire story is like going back to the whole thing and seeing how badly I made someone’s life so miserable.
I feel guilty, bad about myself. It is like when we are almost over with some pain and then someone comes back and reminds us about everything.
Guilt trip is equal to poison in your hand, a death note, a loss.
But for how long we can live with a guilt trip, that we have done some serious damage or crime against someone’s feelings?
I guess all we can do is to be away from that person, take them time to heal and maybe never go back to them and remind them how they chose a wrong person, how they trusted a wrong person.
We should just apologise for what all bad we did with someone. Whether it was unintentional, it still happened. Sorry cannot heal the pain but at least if you have realized that you have done this mistake, from your side, it’s a good attempt.
Try never ever hurt anybody’s feelings. Think twice before you say anything, commit to anything because you never know how hard it is going to affect to somebody and their life.
I feel sorry for some that I have hurt, just keep asking god to forgive me on their behalf. Everyday, I am just trying to put a smile on someone’s face, maybe their blessings would help me overcome my guilt.


Mitali Rawat

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