You will miss today!

I always wanted to write but couldn’t find the time for it and today I got so much of time in my hands that I can write novels and encyclopedias. I never dreamed of a big house or a large sum of money. I always wanted to be with my loved ones and enjoy the sweet little things, like a cup of tea, good weather, sweet music or maybe just binge-watching shows with my di and jijs. Never thought of becoming a professional writer as such. Why would anybody pay me to write?

Always wanted to do something I really enjoy, Do something I wouldn’t need to force myself into, something I find happiness in.

For me, this lockdown is not really hard or maybe I am making it easy for myself! Maybe a few years ago it was not at all possible for me but now it’s not that hard. I have learnt to live in isolation. To be fulfilled with my sheer presence.

Seeing out of the window takes me back a few weeks, I used to tell my colleague that we hardly get a chance to see daylight and the sun because we are in this office all day and time just flies.

Of course, I miss my office, I miss every single thing, the way I used to enter and smile at my colleagues, how going to the washroom, making my hair and then getting a cup of coffee was a part of my daily regime.

I used to talk to my colleagues about how I spent my day and then I used to read the news, write my own thoughts on a piece of paper and share it with all. We used to discuss how we miss our families and how long office hours were making us fat.

Trust me now I understand the universe was listening to all our chatter and somewhere it retaliated!

So here we are now, you can enjoy the dusk and the dawn, workouts have become a usual pastime and those who could go home in time are safe with their families.

All our wishes have come true but at a cost, well I would say, cherish these moments because they shall pass too and tomorrow you will definitely miss this quarantine.

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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