Life during pandemic

Every day I look forward to a new way to live this life. I feel we are blessed to see the beauty around us to love what we can and I guess life is too short for hatred and to die for someone else mistakes!

Again I don’t know what exactly I am writing this time and due to this pandemic, I got all the chances to write back. Even the memory lane is so big that I feel I can pen down so many past things.  We always try to live in the present, but dwelling in the past is not always wrong.

Don’t go back for regrets; go back to relive the happy moments that will make your mood light.

These days the weather is so good and everything seems to be very calm and quite but my question is that how will you change the daily routines out of it and how will you make it enjoyable?

How to be stress free!

The answer is within us; we need to dive deep inside ourselves and the answer will come out.

What kind of life you want and how to live that is in your hand, everyone is seeking for happiness but I guess the definition varies from one another

A married person wants to be free may be or a single one now wants to get settled!

A pair of shoes makes you happy or may be at times a drop of rain!

A cup of tea or a slice of bread.

Happiness is right there under your nose and may be in little things you are avoiding.

May be it is in a fight or perhaps it’s right there with your Dog!

You need to clear the glasses you are wearing and may be then life is much simpler and you can always start again.

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


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