Life of a traveler

Follow your dreams

I always thought to travel and the only reason I know behind this is that it makes me happy and then one fine day I met a girl who travels all the hills and all the places where she feels most alive.
And in our conversation, I asked her what do you travel for, the journey or the destination?
And then she told me that by meeting people who live in the villages and exploring places where luxury life is not available makes her feel connected with them, to their spirit of survival, to their happiness, and to their big heart.
Their love for their culture and happiness in little things, cannot be found in big cities, everyone is running behind money, every second person is competing, whether for a job or for their kid’s well being or maybe for materialistic things like one’s body.
Everyone is trying to prove something to others or their own self but in all this, one is losing his or her own identity, happiness, self-satisfaction peace. When I talked to her she said she just wants to be in a small hut with her loved ones. She doesn’t need any luxury as her luxury is not important.
Rare are the people who can think and live like this, life is not easy and it would never be. But it’s on you how you live it and make it worthwhile.
Everyone should travel at least once a year, it makes you happy, it makes you realize that there should be a time to stop, breathe, and love yourself!
And trust me when people narrate their travel stories I feel like I’m already there on that journey. Think about how we would feel on that journey, the peace and the joy of that trip.
How about after every 2 months we can just spend some good time with our own self and make us better?
A traveler travels the world and then makes history from their experience and builds bridges of the future.
I still remember when I used to travel anywhere, there used to be a huge smile on my face. Cool breeze used to kiss my face and I used to feel alive!

By Mitali

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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