Writing is my expression

Author – Mitali Rawat

What does‘writing’ mean to you? The feeling and the experience may differ from what it is for others.  For me, writing is an expression of love, which I cannot apprize. Though I can pen down a poem, a song, or a blog for you. It is my way of expressing my emotions and is something that comes very naturally to me. Whether I am sad, happy, or in love, writing my thoughts about it brings a big smile on my face.

If someone offers me a cup of coffee it may be hard for me to return the favor in the similar fashion, but I might end up writing something happily for him or her to bring a smile on his or her face. It is something that I would do by instinct. I would always choose written letters over spoken words to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Writing motivates me to catch the morning solitude, when there are no distractions but just thousands of thoughts and ideas rushing inside me and pushing me to craft my story. Every time I meet someone, I see a new chapter adding to my story and I feel how we are all destined to meet and create short stories. Surely, some give us bad memories and other good ones. I feel chronicling, these experiences is like building a time machine, so I can travel back anytime not to change anything but to reminisce the moments. Writing presents with me with a blank paper to pen out my heart’s desires and stories, so I can remember and actualize them. And it gives me a way to create something by which everyone can remember my writing style, my stories and me.

Remember one thing, do what makes you happy and do it more often because that’s what life is for.

In my 10 years of corporate and college, I never took a break from writing and always took out time to write for myself and for my dear ones. It made me feel alive and gave me a reason to always move forward in life.

Now that I have an ample amount of time at hand, which I can devote to enrich my passion and skill, I plan to address my thoughts and craft stories for millions out there to help them follow their passion. I want everyone to be happy, loved, and content and to follow their heart doing what they have desired to, since birth. There should not be a chance of regret in one’s life and that is why I write and why I am following what my heart has always been saying to me. What about you?

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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