When was the last time you felt breathless? Without any thoughts !
Just blank and full of positivity??
Do you remember?

When was it, you felt most alive?

I felt this way when I found Phullari- a homestay run by a very young guy from Delhi.

Now, you must be wondering why a guy from a metro who is running this homestay abandoned the metro at a time when the young generation is fleeing the hills and going towards metros.

I guess that’s what you call “following what you love !”

Saurabh, the guy who runs this homestay is originally from Rudraprayag, but long ago, his family moved to delhi, where he pursued his education – school and college.

When I first met him , I asked him what brought him here and why he named the place Phullari.
He told me about the very famous festival of phool de ( celebrated in Uttarakhand) where people thanked god for the good crop during spring, and as a grateful gesture,little girls decorated their doors with flowers.

Wow !

I mean someone could be so thoughtful before naming such a homestay !
Also, let me share this; it was the first place where I felt happy, and loved, and therefore I didn’t want to share this place with anyone. It was a place where I could actually sense God’s grace, the beauty, and the good vibes.
But then keeping this place to myself would mean great injustice to the person who runs the place, to my readers, and to everyone else who loves the peaceful mountains, and enjoys good food, and good vibes.

My personal experience was so good that I have landed there twice so far. It has been a very peaceful and refreshing experience on both visits with good food and good vibes. I am in love with that place.

It is a must-visit place. You could take a friend along and recount all the happy memories or talk about your career goals. You could visit it with your family, taking time off from the hustle-bustle of life. It is also an ideal spot for a date, where there is enough time and peace that you could literally hear the melody of your partner’s heartbeat
You could also go solo and relax !

The greenery, the cute little pets ( a dog and a cat ) will welcome you with great warmth.
And last but not the least, the host – Saurabh Trivedi – he is a champ who runs the place and manages everything, always with a sweet smile on his face and positive vibes to share.


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


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