The Boys

THE Boys!

It was a usual day,  I was lazing around, and scrolling through Instagram, when I stumbled across a post by a guy named Priyavrat. ( now addressed as  Badoni.  mera yaar mera dusht dost). I liked the post and then landed on his Instagram profile which I found very interesting, especially his bio that read PART TIME JOB IN BENGALI SWEETS!

The Bio fairly lived up to its message since I observed, the guy loved sweets and visited the sweet shop on a daily basis.And then after reading the bio, I concluded that the love for sweets made him work at the sweet shop, ensuring he could eat and make them, at the same time. 

I grew curious to know more about him, so I pinged him on Instagram, urging him to carve out some time for a meet up. He readily agreed to meet on the same day, giving me a time slot between 3-6 pm, as the rest of his day was occupied with work. I agreed and as per our plan, picked him from a point near his place and we went for coffee. Speaking to him for a while, I discovered that he wasn’t really a part timer in the sweet shop, rather a stakeholder ! It was his dad’s shop. 

I wanted to write about him, but since I had met him for a brief while, I needed more meetings with him. So, I asked for more time. As we continued  meeting regularly, he told me about his life; how he went to delhi for studies and then came back and thought of helping his dad with the shop and its promotions, and how in the middle of all this, he managed his studies too.He told me how he loved dancing at weddings and how he and his cousin went cycling and also chilled together. 

And then I met his cousin too, a yoga trainer, much  younger than Badoni! Earlier, I thought that being Badoni’s brother, Siddharth would earn a feature on my page, but as I got to know him better, he became a really good friend in a very short span of time.

I always feel that everything that happens, has already been written and you meet people because it was destined to happen. The boys are now, “my boys” ! I love talking to them. They are very ambitious, extremely productive, always showing keenness in knowing what I do. I like such people – grounded, ambitious, straightforward, and who keep a track of their health.

Well, I am not explicitly endorsing these guys, but of course, I feel strongly connected with them, and feel great seeing them together, working really hard to help their families. 

I am not saying that they are doing something which is out of this world, or has never been done before but the sheer happiness I feel around them is overwhelming. They are the people, I would always want around me, always spreading their positive vibes and making me smile. 

I wish the world could be more like Priyavrat and Siddharth 🙂

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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