when blogger met vlogger!

Author – Mitali Rawat

when you will do something nobody can stop you and nobody can separate you, In my college days I saw Nishant anchoring the show and that’s how we started building our own friendship, we met once after that anchoring thing and we stayed in touch for sometime.

later I moved to Delhi and one fine day I got to know that he was there in Delhi for some job however there was a vacancy at my company as well and I offered Nishant to join of possible, after having the long conversation he said yes and came for the interview and finally he got the job.

We searched PG for him nearby my home only and then we started going office together and hanging out like anything; it was always fun with him.

then after a few months Nishant left the job because he wants to do something else, he moved back to Dehradun our hometown and then we were in a break with each other for almost 3-4 years I guess.

In these years, I started blogging but just for myself, and he started vlogging but for everyone.

no nobody ever messaged to each other.

but it was destiny who made us together and one fine day in 2019 I moved to Mumbai and Nishant was already there 🙂

We met and we keep meeting and started motivating each other with our experiences; we have spend memorable moment there, helped each other and have long walks and career talks.

During the covid we came back home and then I started taking my blogging seriously and Nishant started again with vlogging I accompany him for his vlog and trust me it is fun 🙂

I am little camera phobic but he is a one man show; he is picking up the pace, know how to edit how to put songs, what to capture and what to not and I am sure one fine day he will be the famous vlogger because hard work pays off

so this blog is for us, for our friendship which is selfless and more of motivating each other in our own way 🙂

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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