Somebody is listening

Author – Mitali Rawat

I guess what keep us going is faith, believes and hopes, At least for me this is something which always works and keeps me going!

Like yesterday I went out with my brother at his best friend’s house for dinner and when I came back I realise that this year I got 90% of my prayers answered!

How you are craving for something, missing something badly and how someone is actually planning your life for you, just look around and you will see someone is listening to you, your pains, your wishes!

Have you ever noticed that some day you ask for rain and some day you ask for Sun and there is Rain without even a notice and weather forecast.

Someday you ask for a sum of money and you will get it and you are like I wish I could have asked for more or something else today!

Trust me life will surprise you in its own way and miracles happen atleast with them who have faith!

I can see miracles happening around me every second day and even I am waiting for more, but I am glad that this year a lot of my wishes got heard and see by ending of this year I am content and feeling blessed đŸ™‚

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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