Happy New Year 2021

Where everyone is talking about how bad and worse was 2020, and they will never miss 2020!

I feel bad with this statement; you know why? Because they are those who actually enjoyed a lot during the lockdown by having tons of house party, baking zillions of cakes!

Enjoying the work from a home thing like anything and now they are saying 2020 is worse!

Of course it was not as good as 2019 may be or may be as 2018, and it was bad for so many people who got infected, affected by the pandemic, economy was down, there has been thousands of layoffs.

I am not saying it was a very positive year but hey tell me one thing there must be something behind all this? There must be some lessons?

There must be some reason!

See how nature recovers by itself just when men stopped going out, strange but beautiful.

I loved 2020 reason, being worked in corporate never realized that I am missing spending time with family, cousin’s and few friends, we missed so many sunsets, wedding, reunions!

Even we were so busy in making money and meeting the deadlines we forgot to breathe, to workout for our body, we forgot even to say hello to our own self!

And guess what I have done everything this year what I was thinking always to do;

from getting inked, to get to know my self better than anything, doing what I Love most and started liking what I used to hate a lot.

Trust me you value things only when it’s difficult to get.

Even sitting at home, around my love one’s I am getting the motivation to write daily now

Guys just keep going, count your blessing every day will be good and every year will be great.

Just remember that never lose hope and show more gratitude!

Have a happy new year 2021

Love Mitali!

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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