The Coffee Date

When you meet new people or I may say strangers you get vibes sometime good and sometime bad!

And now it’s been a decade I am meeting strangers and trust me I have a zillion of stories and funny incidents to tell and here we go on the first day of the new year and I did this adventure.

It was about 31st December where I got a match with somebody from a dating site and we started chatting; he sounds to be a nice guy by the pictures but pictures can be deceiving.

Don’t you think the same way I do? And after exchanging pretty delightful conversation he asked me for a coffee on a new year and I said yes to him.

The next day I had few plans, and he was planning to come to my city!

Okay so I got a call from him he is on his way and he will pick me up around 4!

We coordinated and then finally we met, he again seems to be amiable gentlemen with some good etiquettes and as per plan we were heading towards my favorite coffee shop.

And trust there was a hell of jam but his questions were interesting and it sounds like he likes me and he is into me a little atleast!

Then finally we reached the coffee shop, and we settled down!

And then he said he will be back as he needs to use the restroom, and the waiting was quite long, I mean at one moment I feel like he is dead there or maybe I can ask someone to check with him or maybe I can call him?

I was a little worried, and I wasn’t sure what to do? So then I just called my friend and tell her this and she was like it can be constipation as well!

Chillax he will be a back wait for another ten minutes

And then he was back but not the same guy I was talking and I met in the car, he seems a little low, off and he was into his phone and looking around everything but not me!

I felt a little weird, and I was like what is wrong!

And then you vibes matter I tried to make the conversation, and I asked him what’s wrong but there was no convincing reply!

So it was some awkwardness which came, and then I left the sophisticated guy there only.

I book a cab and I went back, telling what all happened to my cab driver and then I was laughing and I was wondering was it constipation or my new acnes was bothering him!

Stay tune I will be back with such stories and let me know how do you like this one and what do you think was it me or the constipation?

Love Mitali

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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