That one face!

What his heart says! (that’s assumption)

Week 1

She came again and why always she smiles and talk in a more comfort way with my friend but not with me, and in virtual world she messages me for everything!

What’s in her mind or there is nothing in her mind we are just in a relationship of customer and the owner of this place!

Week 2

Here she is again with that voice of happiness and again she ignored me!

Week 3

Here she is, texted me what went wrong and here you go there she deleted the messages.


Again she is here with some guy and she looks pretty and hey let me just say sorry for the unpleasant experience!


Ah! She is here again and today she looks cute and she is with a friend and I am glad my friend is not around.

Ah she is leaving and again asking for him but my eyes are just looking her eyes and they are saying something to me….

What she thinks! ( that’s not assumption)


Well! My friend created a hell lot of scene and now I am feeling little awkward and here are these two covering up may be or they don’t care!

Week 2

I am again here and I saw A but whenever I saw B he is into something so I Ignored him oops not intentionally.


Okay  A and B both are not there, I have texted B but then I deleted!


Gosh! He came, and he said sorry that means he read my message oh no…..


There was something with his eyes and today I was just feeling weird, I am a falling for him but I guess he is engaged!

There are few feelings, few people where and with whom you cannot be together or maybe say that one sides crush things are too cute to live with at present 🙂

Maybe this blog sounds a little weird and confused but don’t you think when you are running with so many messed up things or maybe down time, there are that one face which makes you forget everything atleast for now.

So here is the blog for B guy who makes me forgets all the stress of work and other things I am going through just with that one smile and one look for now 🙂

Author- Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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