Chai is love!

How much tea you can have in a day? Or who go out for tea?

When I was in Gurgaon during the winters we don’t even remember how much tea we are having it’s like after every half and hour I am asking somebody “ chai pine chale?”

It’s not always about the tea addiction, at a time while working and while being a whole day at home you just need an excuse and if I may say a break from everything, then the tea be it Ginger tea, lemon tea, green tea, black tea, kulhad tea what is your choice you just want that one tea and here you go all set for the day for the evening.

Yesterday only, me and my friend we went to this café, and we asked for cutting chai so in Mumbai its mostly cutting and somewhere else its like tapir ki chai.

So there we had chai and trust me chai is chai nothing can replace the chai with anything, chai have its own essence trust me.

One can never say no to chai, atleast not me.

We have so many memories with this one cup of tea, be it morning ritual with green tea, be it breakfast with milk tea then during the office break I want tea, if a friend is coming I want tea or I want to go out and have tea, whether it’s Rain or summers Tea is life.

And what a lovely combination we can have with tea, samosha, namkeen, biscuits.

Parantha I mean wow now I need chai hehe and I guess after reading this blog you want chai too.

So let me know how much chai/Tea you drink in a day?

With Love


By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


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