I left my heart!

It’s been a week since I came from BAGESHWAR and trust me, I am no longer the same person.

I am totally in love with the peace, people and place surrounded with hills, I have realise how we all are different but still connected with our own culture and love for hills.

It was again a random plan to travel with a very close friend to her hometown and a plan to live with her family for a week; however, it got extended, and I was there with them for almost two weeks.

The life I was living here and the live I have seen there was very different, but somehow I left my heart over there with them.

How they used to start their morning and how getting up with a mountain view gave me a peace for life, how after ages I ate breakfast with the intact family and how it was too different from my family.

Here back in my home my routine is just got up and do your morning routine and start your work but there I saw people getting up early talking to each other, working together and then eating together; then making time for each other and never miss the important meals together; everyone was aware about the meal timings and I was in love with the discipline and talks during that time.

Even when I was there, I used to make my bed, get up on time and then get ready for the breakfast and then during the daytime we used to sit together for the fun chit chat; and I started winding up my work a little early so that I can be there on time to spend more time with them.

It was not very different from a life I had when my grandparents were alive; and doing all discussions related to my culture, what they believe and their perspective.

I was so comfortable for the very first time; I don’t know who made it; the people who was there in that house, the mountains or it was me.

But the trip, those evening walks, skipping work just to be with them and then talking anything and laughing out loud was the best part of this vacation.

I was so stress free and in between the stay I did not even realise that I am not in touch with people outside the house; I was not missing anything but just love being there.

Still writing how I felt and how I left my heart to this city is making me overwhelmed, strange but this feeling is so different that it feels like I was there since very long and that place belongs to me.

Those mountains, river they are calling me again and making me smile and wetting my eyes on the same time.



AUTHOR-Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


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