The one who Rouse!


My blogs are a compilation of people; who have taken the risk to do something out of the box, who were rebellious, funny, and crazy?

Somewhat they did what I always wanted to do and trust me such people keep inspiring me I just can’t stop talking about them.

I met such souls in every city be it DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGLORE, GOA……

It’s not that I am searching for these souls, but it’s just I am lucky to have them in my life and I can tell their stories through my blogs, you never know they might inspire you as well.

A few weeks back I started following a professional dancer on Instagram and queried about the dance class timing and all.

He was very generous; he told me and keep asking me to visit at least for the demo class; I was so busy with work from home that I couldn’t.

One fine day when I was actually scrolling the Instagram profiles I told him to let’s meet and hear his story, he said yes, and after two failed plans; that’s so me.

We finally agreed when to meet and where to meet!

He came to pick me up and then we went to a TEA SHOP…

And trust me, the moment he picked me up he was way to funny; I was laughing aloud!

And then The TEA came and as promised he started telling me his story like how he always wanted to dance and never get the chance in his school, but in college, he got the chance and how he wanted to do a course of mass communication and he ended up with engineering and MBA!

How he started working with corporates and how he used to clear the interviews as smooth as butter.

And later than how he quit the job, came back to his hometown, and realize that he should opt his dance as a profession; being a hip hoper to taking part in DID in past and then joined the D MANIAX for his journey; then asking dad for that one chance to showcase his skills and he can do much better by his dance rather than working for some process-oriented corporate!

He did research, learned the forms, dedicated endless hours to his dance and now after three years look at him he is owning an academy with almost 100 + students and the majority is female!

I mean wow; the inspiring soul how he took a charge of his life and work really hard for his dream.

While speaking with his students; the kids were really cute and telling me how KSHITIJ is much better teacher than anyone else; a friend….

I think we all are looking for a friend and KSHITIJ in our teachers; who understand our fear; help us with the skills, polish it and give us the wings to fly.

I am sure he will be super successful because his attitude towards dance and his students is not to be on top or compete with anyone, but to be better than yesterday and that’s the best thing I found in his perspective.

Being a person from the hardcore industry I eventually asked him what is your 5 year vision, and he said there is no vision of five years I just want to do a step ahead in a year from where I am today.

I mean it’s good; you learn from someone you just met.



Author–Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


  1. Impressed with coverage. Nicely covered.
    It is really through hard work, dedication and sincerity, you can follow your passion as profession, from corporate employee to corporate trainer, from employee to entrepreneur.
    Of course there is full support of parents, brother and bhabhi.
    All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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