Depression – never heard much of this when I was a kid, but since the time I have lived out I have heard more about depressions, no doubt there are few types of depressions, and there are people who struggle with that, and even there might be zillions of people who might have fought with it in their past as well.

I will not talk in much detail version of it, but of course I can tell you one thing which I have seen around me, heard of it and experience it too.

There was my roommate back in Mumbai, she was taking medication under depression and I always tried to talk to her, and she tried to explain it to me we cannot solve it the way I can see her and I am thinking of; but according to me it’s all there in your head.

I mean at some point we all feel sad, shattered, broken or may be too depress; but only we can come out of it; if we want to.

of course there must be some medical thing, or we have some sort of nerve thing also, but can’t we see the brighter side?

People with depression have a weak heart, weak will, they cannot stand for themselves, or maybe they are those who are too perfect; and never fails in anything; and then there comes one fall, one failure and they feel they are finished.

Not all feel this way but yes few people felt this way.

I guess the only solution is to communicate; if something is bothering you; try to talk it out, because keeping it with you will hamper only your good energies, and this will take you to depression.

Trust me everything will come to you in your own time but for that you need to be happy, content and talk about your problems; because the wise man says once; it’s good to share once what is bothering you, the world will be a cheerful place, if we all feel fearless about our emotions and start living our life with less stress.

Even I feel stress and I can say I feel depress too, but I cannot overflow the depression and any other type of anxiety over me, I have a strong faith that things will be fine in their own time and you cannot worry on the things you cannot control.

Just keep doing what makes you happy and rest will fall into the place by itself.


Author – Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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