Go Solo…

When there was no trend of solo travelling, and there are some people who used to travel solo and posted nothing about it, even I started my solo travelling from that time.

But then I always wanted to travel more and when I was 29, I thought this time it should be a short solo trip; that’s when I decided Lonavala to be that place.

I wondered how I have checked with every single person about Lonavala and then did my research.

Checked the camp, the price and the distance the weather and the safety.

After checking it all, I went to shop the essentials, and I was all ready for this long-awaited trip, I am not a regular traveler; I do travel but there is nothing called a list to go on.

It’s like always a random plan, and for me random plans work!

It was few days from new year I packed my bag just an hour ago and then left for the bus stand.

After waiting for a long time I got to know that I missed my bus and now I have to decide how I am going to Lonavala.

I am a person of less patience so went by cab; it was 2 hr of journey from Mumbai; I took a cab and there was a friend (music) who made my journey fantastic.

In between the journey I had vada pav one of my favourite thing which made me miss Mumbai always.

Then after reaching the place, the camp driver was already there to pick me up and the beautiful journey begins, the whole route was beautiful, full of green trees, hills and clean roads.

Finally, after 20mins of drive to this beautiful place, I came to this camp surrounded by the beautiful Pawna lake.

There were camps near the lake, and there was one house where the caretaker was.

He offered me tea and pakoras (bhajiye in Mumbai language) I had it and then started reading my handy book and was just gazing the surrounding beauty.

After sometime there were people started coming to the place which was a family, group of friends, and there three more girls who were just roaming around, giggling around and taking photographs together and passing a sweet smile to me.

Time was missing, there was darkness and lots of lights were shinning, music was on and then we all started doing barbeque and then there was again a beautiful feeling while doing all this alone.

Later in the evening while everyone was listening the music and having the barbequed food.

And then suddenly the girls asked me to join them and I went there to sit with them, we danced a lot, had our dinner together, we sit near a bonfire, had a long chat about life all along and it was a nice evening.join

By 2am I was in my camp for sleep , next morning I woke up and the view was amazing and very peaceful.

We took a village tour with the new friends, sit near the lake and then after sometime we exchange numbers, the girls were very sweet and I had a great time with them.

You came solo but once you connect with people you are never solo, my solo trip taught me one thing, wherever you go, you will get some people just like you for forever.

Finally, I headed towards Mumbai and it was a memorable trip, whenever I see the pictures I feel great and yes that was my solo trip where I met friends for life.


Author- Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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