Most of the time, people usually asked to me, what is home for you, or what reminds you of home!

And trust me there is not only one place I can say HOME, with a home for me means LOVE, CARE, FRIENDSHIP, FIGHTS, PARTY, FUN, CRYING ALOUD, BINGE WATCHING and so many chit-chats.

I still remember for me home was my grandparents who used to wake me up, with whom I used to spend my most of the time, by telling from what all I have done in school to asking for sweets, and fighting for new things.

For me home was where I used to sit with my uncle and asking him about his business, about what he is cooking, always asking questions to my cousins.

Moving forward home got changed and people too, there was a time when living with different girls from different cities, sharing a room with two other girls, sharing the same bathroom, watching same TV, eating same food, fighting with them or becoming a mother for each other when the other person used to be sick, I found home there.

I call home where love stays, where you wait for somebody, care for someone, do things with no expectation, just everything fills with love.

And I was a lucky child, I found so many such places I call HOME.

Looking back there are families, I have come across, who made me feel special, loved, cared, they have shown their concerned unconditionally that I am feeling overwhelmed.

There was a guy used to tell me you are so selfless human and a beautiful soul, but I am glad that I can say I am lucky to have beautiful souls surrounded me, wherever I go I found love and care.

And today I would like to raise a toast for all the lovely people I have ever met and wanted to say thanks sincerely, that because of their love I have so many families and so many places called home!


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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