After my 100th glass of wine.

Does this title sound like I had 100 glasses of wine in a day? Is it? The title is stimulated by a book!

After reading the name of that book I wanted to write such a title, I am very extensively fascinated with the names, the book titles the caption on the image.

I buy books for the title and also watch movies because of the name!

Like ENDLESS LOVE, Failure to launch, Grace and Frankie.

And most of the time I was fortunate the content and the storyline comes out well.

The love for such titles, movies is since very long.

I still have so many unread books and I am reaching there step by step.

Okay so the title stories, this blog is not about wine but yes it is about how I met so many kind souls during my journey from Dehradun to Mumbai.

So if I look back and say who was my favorite soul; I can say that his name was one of my favorites, I would love to pick somebody from the past.


GULZAR was my colleague in my past to past organization, and this guy was incredibly gentle soft-spoken!

I used to like him a lot, and he was one of my favourites!

I used to call him almost daily, used to send him gifts, he was the father of two cute kids, but the amount of work he used to do and still he keeps the calm was applauding, I like grounded people and GULZAR was one of them.

We had a very healthy relationship; I used to respect him from my core, constantly in touch with him, and always cherish what a great time I had with him and learned so much while working, however, I was not that lucky to work regularly with him because of different office location but I still remember his smile, his attitude towards life.

By writing this blog I just got delighted that finally, I have captured a unique man!


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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