Feelings are never same, one day you feel happy and other day you are calm; one day you feel hating something or one day you are in love!

Looking back to my last week, few things happened.

I came back from my cousin’s house and started writing blogs then I got my periods and I was just relaxing more.

Later by the week I met someone through mutual friends, it was a long time I met someone new so I thought lets do it and maybe you will get a new story to write on or maybe not a story you will be motivated by some other person vibes or maybe some of his story; however, I got scared as he was into too much into drugs and polygyny/polygamy.

I understand that his life and choices are different but I was neither into drugs nor such fetish and I have cleared him the same thing but yes it was a refreshment but I was looking out for something else.

Then I met one more friend last week, he got me this really sweet dreamcatcher made by his own hand, kind a creative.

Later the same day I met one of my friend who moved from Mumbai to Delhi, we had dinner together; I am blessed to have such friends who are there for me, next day I met one more old friend and then more.

But after meeting all these very close friends of mine, the week was not good; I was not in a content stage.

There is something I was feeling which is missing till now when I am writing this.

Feelings are weird, if you are happy inside you are happy with yourself or with every set of people you met.

But when you are not happy, nobody can make you smile which reaches your eyes.

But I think feelings will change in some days, and if today I feel like sad, low and lethargic I guess let it be the way it is.

Don’t run or make your mood good forcefully.

Maybe heart need sometime with the terrible emotions before the good days or emotions can make space.

We have all the right to feel this sadness and blues.

May be after that we can cherish the good days more appropriately.

May be by this season we are somewhere learning something which later we will realize.


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world


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