Happy place!

I walked with nothing in mind, but the moment I saw this place crowded with bright smiles; somewhere and somewhat I knew this is going to be my happy place one day.

AICL Communications! I am still not over with the name and the people out there.

From the day to the last I know how my days over there, long working hours, Internal meetings to offsite trips!

Birthday celebration to work achievements, team dinners to after office parties.

Everything seems like yesterday, and I am about to complete one year when I left this place!

The owner, itself is a person I can always say I am proud of, the amount of wisdom he has, and the way he runs the entire organization.

The young minds over there, they all were very calm, sweet and with them working was so much fun.

The people from a different religion but big heart matters a lot.

In a brief span of time, they all were my sunny place.

It was regular stuff to go on coffee and tea breaks with different people with whom I used to share a very different vibe.

Bad day good day all days with them were worth it.

I never enjoyed so much in any organization, late working never bothered us, just because of the people out there.

Looking back there are so many splendid memories, laughter, and tears too.

So many friendly souls I have come across and some become a lifelong memory.

I used to be early at the office, to set up my daily task and start my day with ease, and then used to leave sometime late sometime on time!

The vibes were so good, even whenever anybody asks about my last organization, I am so proud about it, about the people who left, who still work over there, and the clients.

The quality of work and the talented people, who are so much engrossed in their work and providing the best quality, even today I miss all sweetheart’s over there.

I have learned so much from them and today I am a much better person because of such people and stories of my life.


Mitali Rawat  

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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