Trust Talk

Life with Taropathy

Here I came up with this new title; do you know what this trust talk is?

Trust talk is my new Instagram handle for TAROT READING.

Okay, so before I start anything let me just tell you that apart from telling stories and sharing my feelings here; I am a part-time tarot reader for almost nine big years.

It was all started with a tarot reader who used to read cards near a shopping complex; I used to visit her a lot and then out of curiosity even I bought a new deck for myself back in 2012.

I have learned on my own, following all the steps google told me to do.

After doing my reading; I started practicing the same with friends and families.

Gradually I have started it as a profession and all those early years it was all good; the predictions were accurate every time I used to draw cards for people.

People used to suggest that I should do it full time, but with a 9-5 job it was never struck me to do it the way people want me to do.

But after so many years this time, I started reading it regularly for random people, and then one fine day I thought why not create an individual page and reach out to the masses for the same.

So I started the page; and the promotion.

Most of the people who heard or maybe seen tarot reading session in some movies; they usually ask me the question how it works, how you do it.

So the answer tarot cards define your current situation also they work according to the energies you hold; every deck has its unique qualities.

The basic deck contains 78 cards with Pictures on it, and according to your own understanding, you can predict your and other’s future.

Tarot cards basically provide you guidance; related to the events of your life; they can motivate you whenever you feel there is a lack of something.

They can help you understand your own feelings.

While doing such readings for a unique soul; I feel good and happy, at least I am creating a change in someone’s life or I am guiding the masses through my card reading skills.

It’s been nine years doing this practice, and I feel blessed to have these skills with that I am just helping people to grow, smile, and love themselves for who they are and help them achieve what they are dreaming of.

Isn’t it great that your one step and one helping hand someone can feel top of the world?

That’s my motive, people can come to me; share the pain and fear, and go back with the smile and faith in their hearts.

Faith of something magical is going to happen.

So when are you getting your tarot reading?


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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