Tales of Dharohar Ayurveda…

Do you have a skin routine or do you know anyone who runs a business for skincare products!

Well, I got lucky; I know this guy from my town; whom I met accidentally at a party, and then while having a conversation I got to know that he runs a skincare company.

And I started helping him out with the things I knew because of my past professional experience; while doing all this stuff we became friends and we actually started talking about their business in deep day after day.

There are millions of people who are running their startup; how come I got so much interested in them; it just happened.

And after spending nice long days with them; I asked them about how the idea came in; that’s what I usually ask the people who in their young age start a business in a corporate.

Abhishek and shubhendu were out of such young entrepreneurs.

I was curious and then they started telling me how the idea came in 2019; and how they started doing the research about the skincare products; how their mother and sister helped them to understand the importance of natural ingredients.

This will create magic in your skin, no chemical, no preservative, just all-natural.

Abhishek gave the credit to the other partner to look after and played a major part in all groundwork; and trust me, the way they explain their products to the masses.

The way they treat everyone with love, affection, and the amount of kindness; I guess the universe is showering the extra magic in their products and that’s making everyone every day glowing and shining.

I used the products; met these guys and understand their perspective towards the business and the quality I got flattered.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur but it takes really hard work to be at the top of that success and stick there with the same integrity and shine.

Because one or two people surely created a business, but definitely it is going to be there in the market or in people’s mind by the people who put their heart into it.

Who works like a crazy monk, loves their own product, and used it the way they use others.

Give people a chance to use the sample and always be up for feedback.

So guys I would like you to tell that the name of this brand is DHAROHAR AYURVEDA.

You can easily get them on Instagram and order them there as well.

So let’s pray for success for you, me, and Small business.


Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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