Covid 22!

Last week I got covid and I had isolated myself from the world, the office people were keeping a check on my health and if I need something.

My parents calling doubled up!

Few of my close friends called me regularly and a few doesn’t.

Everyone who got the news called me! The strange thing was that I was having a very mild effect but a lot of lethargies.

I felt alone, homesick and weak but I tried to be strong, I realize one thing not all can be there for you the way you thought or you did for them.

But only you are there for yourself and only you can take care of yourself, but in the past week, I understand that some people cannot be changed and some can always be there for you no matter what!

New friend’s old friends and my family are my support pillar and I am so glad and overwhelmed by the way everyone treated me and helped me with their suggestions. some got me fruits, some offered me homemade food and some got me medicine.

I spend my days working, talking, and doing some reading.

Every hard part of life teaches you so many things and wakes you up with the alarm that hey this needs to be your next concern.

You should start doing this extra take extra time for your health, fitness.

For the friends who are always there for you

Go out often; plan a vacation with your friends, read more books, and write daily.

This post is especially for my friends and family, who keep a constant check on my health.



Mitali Rawat

By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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