And he said life is uncertain

Last night I was talking about how I got lucky with so good friends in such less duration.

and I started telling my friend about Ameya; how I saw this person’s concern and care without asking for it.

how I have seen a true friend in his every action; how I got devastated by just the thought that I won’t be able to see him further.

there will be no lunches with him in office, there will be no house parties where he will come, there will be no treks and nobody who will make me eat just because I am angry.

he said life is uncertain and I felt that very moment. I met someone in a short time and now all I can see is him going back and leaving this office.

I don’t know why I felt such awful or maybe good people are like this only you feel bad when they depart.

Ameya and I have never been into too much talking but we were always into passing comments, jokes, and teasing each other. but I guess I never realise that this was the good part.

I will surely miss this boi and because of him I found one more sweetheart sitting next to us in this picture; maybe he will not leave us so early as some friends did. šŸ™‚

The irony of life good people leaves you with a mark on your heart

good memories mark!




By Coffeetostories

Exploring life since the time I know that life is a beautiful gift of god and through story telling trying to tell the same to the world

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