Last Night

One of my very close friends kept asking me why she is not earning more? Or why she is not happy, and why she doesn’t have that car? I used to reply to her that look back and see how long you have come, there might be days when you were not earning and today… Continue reading Last Night


A PLACE called HOME Most of the time, people usually asked to me, what is home for you, or what reminds you of home! And trust me there is not only one place I can say HOME, with a home for me means LOVE, CARE, FRIENDSHIP, FIGHTS, PARTY, FUN, CRYING ALOUD, BINGE WATCHING and so… Continue reading A PLACE called HOME

One phone call!

While sipping my morning coffee, I received a call and that deal I was working on got closed, suddenly I was super happy. And in this a thought came to my mind how just one call can make and break your mood. It can be anything good news or bad news, but yes it’s all… Continue reading One phone call!

Go Solo…

When there was no trend of solo travelling, and there are some people who used to travel solo and posted nothing about it, even I started my solo travelling from that time. But then I always wanted to travel more and when I was 29, I thought this time it should be a short solo… Continue reading Go Solo…