Happy New Year 2021

Where everyone is talking about how bad and worse was 2020, and they will never miss 2020! I feel bad with this statement; you know why? Because they are those who actually enjoyed a lot during the lockdown by having tons of house party, baking zillions of cakes! Enjoying the work from a home thing… Continue reading Happy New Year 2021

when blogger met vlogger!

Author – Mitali Rawat when you will do something nobody can stop you and nobody can separate you, In my college days I saw Nishant anchoring the show and that’s how we started building our own friendship, we met once after that anchoring thing and we stayed in touch for sometime. later I moved to… Continue reading when blogger met vlogger!

Road towards your goal

I read this quote ” DIFFICULT ROADS LEAD TO BEAUTIFUL DESTINATION” How many of you reading this blog agree to this quote? I am sure many of you have gone through a lot of struggles in life’s different phases. But don’t you think once the struggle phase got over and you looked back to the… Continue reading Road towards your goal

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! what excite me the most when I was a kid was just a holiday on 25th and later I never realised the value and maybe I may say the importance of Christmas but it actually started when I actually started watching the Hollywood movies related to Christmas and when I found how… Continue reading Merry Christmas


I am 30 and still waiting, in my every journal since ten years im waiting for that one person and I feel like am I asking too much? Is it the case that god is creating that type? Or is god is just forgot! there is someone somewhere for you, and that is the only… Continue reading Singlehood

The Boys

THE Boys! It was a usual day,  I was lazing around, and scrolling through Instagram, when I stumbled across a post by a guy named Priyavrat. ( now addressed as  Badoni.  mera yaar mera dusht dost). I liked the post and then landed on his Instagram profile which I found very interesting, especially his bio… Continue reading The Boys

Why are we?

Everyone is following the same rules, study hard and then get a good job and then get married! Then repeat the same with your offspring! I would say we used to talk in public that the world needs prominent leaders, entrepreneur, a scientist but how do we get that? Or we want only specific crowd… Continue reading Why are we?