Life of a traveler

Follow your dreams I always thought to travel and the only reason I know behind this is that it makes me happy and then one fine day I met a girl who travels all the hills and all the places where she feels most alive.And in our conversation, I asked her what do you travel… Continue reading Life of a traveler

Life during pandemic

Every day I look forward to a new way to live this life. I feel we are blessed to see the beauty around us to love what we can and I guess life is too short for hatred and to die for someone else mistakes! Again I don’t know what exactly I am writing this… Continue reading Life during pandemic

You will miss today!

I always wanted to write but couldn’t find the time for it and today I got so much of time in my hands that I can write novels and encyclopedias. I never dreamed of a big house or a large sum of money. I always wanted to be with my loved ones and enjoy the… Continue reading You will miss today!