Early morning scenes

These days I am trying to finish my pending books so that I can pick something new. My brain needs newness now. I am getting very slow in terms of happiness. I need it back. Looking out for some motivation. Love Mitali


Last night I was talking about how I got lucky with so good friends in such less duration. and I started telling my friend about Ameya; how I saw this person’s concern and care without asking for it. how I have seen a true friend in his every action; how I got devastated by just… Continue reading Precarious

Be Fearless

Today I went to the beach and trust me whenever I am confused, need relaxation, or need that clarity I either go to the beach or mountain; since then I am here in goa I can anytime go to the beach. Beach gives me that clarity and peace, you can just be there and close… Continue reading Be Fearless

Covid 22!

Last week I got covid and I had isolated myself from the world, the office people were keeping a check on my health and if I need something. My parents calling doubled up! Few of my close friends called me regularly and a few doesn’t. Everyone who got the news called me! The strange thing… Continue reading Covid 22!

Skin Care!

When there are so many things going on in your head and you don’t know which story is worth telling then I would like to write my love for Cosmetics! Since I was a kid! I used to put a basic Powder and my mother’s lipstick, later by that I started using a liner and… Continue reading Skin Care!

Introvert & Extrovert

Introvert and Extrovert! While working on the routine task, I asked my colleague how do you define yourself, introvert or extrovert and she said I am both, and change depending on the person she is with. Like I see her as an introvert majorly as of now, and I see myself as an extrovert just… Continue reading Introvert & Extrovert

Last Birth

I am obsessed with two boys and I can call them my family; and everyone around me are so curious that why I am so obsessed with these two people. Earlier to them I was always so obsessed with my brothers and post that it was not even my best friend. But there is something… Continue reading Last Birth