AIR is magical….

While speaking over a call with a darling friend, my eyes got stuck with the date and suddenly I realise that from tomorrow onwards it will be a valentine week!

And just after that I took the memory lane of the most beautiful school days where we used to celebrate all these days with full hopes, I used to daydream that one day someone will land up with the rose or maybe chocolate and he will say that hey I am in love with you.

Irony of my life it still not happening even after years, but there is some magic in the air, which makes you feel good, any day can be the love day but it is magical where you dream, hope and wait for some magic.

I am also waiting for such magic that one day that one person will come with a single cute little rose in his hand and he will say the same thing.

Back then those days where we used to get roses for our friends, chocolates, teddy bear, we used to watch the couples, proposals, heart breaks; everything was so lovely and there was nothing beyond that.

Now look at us we are grown up, we don’t believe in such gestures but yes if I will see someone somewhere standing and shying out I guess I will smile and remembering the day when was the last time I did this same thing.

Hope one day this blog he will read because somewhere I have written this for you to read it and get me that cute little red rose.

Happy valentine week


Author- Mitali Rawat

Random calls….

Many times people asked me how come I can be in touch with so many people since years and I was like I don’t call them daily, but I can call anyone randomly, and that’s how we are in touch with so many people.

And this is not the case with only people who are very close or some friends, this is the case with everyone I met and who is affecting and changing my life.

Be it a teacher, maid or a doctor; what is the harm to wish someone a good morning or just drop a hello or maybe ask a friend to meet over a cup of coffee, you never know that coffee meet will convert into sharing a piece of cheesecake, and maybe that one random call will tell you a lot about that person’s life which no one can tell you but that person can?

Or maybe your random call made someone’s day or make someone smile somewhere or maybe solve a problem?

It’s good to be in touch when you can’t visit the people who means to you, no matter when and how you do it, just make few calls and see the difference in your life.

I love making such random calls, from my college senior to old pg mate; I feel one call makes you smile and takes you back to the place where you started something with someone.

So after reading this blog why not make a random call to someone, but there was no reason or maybe you thought your friend is busy, stop thinking too much just dialled the number and do a random call today 🙂

Love you

Author- Mitali Rawat

I left my heart!

It’s been a week since I came from BAGESHWAR and trust me, I am no longer the same person.

I am totally in love with the peace, people and place surrounded with hills, I have realise how we all are different but still connected with our own culture and love for hills.

It was again a random plan to travel with a very close friend to her hometown and a plan to live with her family for a week; however, it got extended, and I was there with them for almost two weeks.

The life I was living here and the live I have seen there was very different, but somehow I left my heart over there with them.

How they used to start their morning and how getting up with a mountain view gave me a peace for life, how after ages I ate breakfast with the intact family and how it was too different from my family.

Here back in my home my routine is just got up and do your morning routine and start your work but there I saw people getting up early talking to each other, working together and then eating together; then making time for each other and never miss the important meals together; everyone was aware about the meal timings and I was in love with the discipline and talks during that time.

Even when I was there, I used to make my bed, get up on time and then get ready for the breakfast and then during the daytime we used to sit together for the fun chit chat; and I started winding up my work a little early so that I can be there on time to spend more time with them.

It was not very different from a life I had when my grandparents were alive; and doing all discussions related to my culture, what they believe and their perspective.

I was so comfortable for the very first time; I don’t know who made it; the people who was there in that house, the mountains or it was me.

But the trip, those evening walks, skipping work just to be with them and then talking anything and laughing out loud was the best part of this vacation.

I was so stress free and in between the stay I did not even realise that I am not in touch with people outside the house; I was not missing anything but just love being there.

Still writing how I felt and how I left my heart to this city is making me overwhelmed, strange but this feeling is so different that it feels like I was there since very long and that place belongs to me.

Those mountains, river they are calling me again and making me smile and wetting my eyes on the same time.



AUTHOR-Mitali Rawat

Random Thoughts

After coming back from a trip of 15 days, I cannot write anything the reason I don’t know, all I did is just completed the book I was reading since very long and now starting a new book.

These days reading gives me immense peace and ideas to write but again I am not ready to write about my recent trip, but I will gather the courage and I will write soon.

Till then I will keep feeding my mind and try to meet people, for me meeting new and old people works like medicine for me, they gave me energy, new hopes, new ideas and smile.

This blog is nothing specific just writing my thoughts, whatever is coming to me; however, I have read that we should plan our content, do this and that for your writing; but then I thought why to follow the rules when you can actually make one or break one.

Writing gives you peace and a way to express and tell what your heart says and every writer has his or her own style to do it; so why to follow the rules just go with the flow and maybe one day someone is reading this blog and following you or maybe dare to make one out of it.

Not all can dare to take risk; but who do, they are the people knowns by generation after generation, you will be alive even after your death somewhere in someone’s story or in this blog.

With Love

Author – Mitali Rawat

Self Love

I just love myself and since the day I have realized that loving yourself first is the best thing you can gift yourself I started doing this practice more and more; so many quotes and everyone is saying the same thing self love is important; this will help you grow, nurture and most important makes you important and valuable.

First try to love yourself to the most and then give that love to others; I have seen people who care a lot, make others happy; but if you are not happy and loved then how can you give someone that hollow happiness when you did not feel the same for your own.

Self love always gives you the strength to be independent, strong that you are not expecting the love from others; first you give the love to yourself and then people will automatically love you for that.

I have made a life with no regrets and first love yourself, do things which makes you happy whether it’s dancing on the road or maybe making your own fun.

By doing self love life seems little easy with a cup of coffee and my favourite book.

So start living the life and start loving yourself.

Love – Mitali Rawat

Never say no for CAFE.

I don’t remember since when but trust me I am a big fan of structured cafe and If I may say the ideology behind the cafe, be it for coffee lover’s; be it for the one who wants to read in a place where somebody can offer them a wonderful coffee or maybe a tea lover cafe.

What is a cafe? A place where you can write, read and see many fresh faces, who doesn’t like a radiant face?

During my college days I used to explore so many cafes and we used to write stories about them, like a proper article of 5W1H and later with this habit when I moved out of my hometown and in a new city as well I was exploring cafe’s.

I don’t know why but there was a love for coffee not for a club or for anything else.

I feel I belong to a place where people smile and greet each other and make memories, where you can call your old friend and over the cup of coffee you can talk your heart out.

And what I believe that you should go to the places where you feel most alive and happy.

Now you wonder that I am a cafe explorer and all; but let me tell you one thing that with time I have changed the concept of cafe exploring, nowadays I just go to a cafe and if I like one cafe I keep going there only; reason being the cafe people know my face, they are familiar with my taste and there is no need of introduction.

I can get my favourite place, the order on time and I have a connection with the place and of course with the people.

So now after years of exploring the cafes I have few favourite in Dehradun, few in Delhi Gurgaon and one in Mumbai; and trust me, I feel so good over there, with my favourite coffee and a book to read and sometime meeting with strangers who are now friends.

In short, we have so much to catch up and love and enjoy that I think this is the best way to live your life where you are doing the things you love and making the most out of it.

Love – Mitali Rawat

My forever friend!

This blog is very special for me, the reason being I am writing about my go-to person; my cousin sister, my friend, my philosopher and my stress buster.

We are not perfect; we fight, argue, agree and disagree on the things, we are also poles apart but I don’t remember a friend better than her and of course a sister too.

Very few lucky human’s got the chance to get two things or I may say two personalities in one person and I am glad I am one of those lucky bee!

I don’t even remember since how many days and years we are together and sharing every high and lows of our life, there are now tons of memories, no one know me that better than her and trust me even she said something which later I realise that is what I am.

She guided me with the career and what I am today is half of her guidance, it’s actually good to have a person who can guide you and clear your doubt’s in your early 20s!

We have took the trips whether it’s between the city, out of our hometown or I may say we have done a lot of things together or we have spend a good amount of years; and now we know each other so well that we ourselves don’t have a single doubt.

I mean I can tell her anything and she can tell me anything; there used to be a time when I used to feel that what if they will go to some other cities and then things got changed between us, but then with time I realise that there are some people who will be as it is no matter what and there is no way to freak out for them.

I am sure you must have the one such person in your life, all I want to say at this point just spend an amount of time with them and create more memories with them till the time it’s possible.

Love – Mitali Rawat

Story Teller

This morning while I was thinking what to write, there were so many things which was coming into my mind and I was thinking okay let me write about this topic or person and on the other side I thought okay let me write about this.

There was so much confusion about people and places I have visited and every time I meet a new person they gave me energy, happy zones, and a story to tell; however, it’s very hard to create a story out of it.

People fear writers; reason being that what if their story got published in the other round?

My Grandfather, used to tell me different stories and I guess the art of storytelling I learned from him, he was an entertainer at least for me; he never failed me to laugh.

He not only taught me the art of storytelling but he also told me how to be independent, focus on what I am doing.

I guess your people with whom you spent half of your lives they create a massive impact in your personality; thoughts and how you see life.

Many of us are still not clear with the thoughts or maybe I wasn’t a few years back but today I can say I have learned so much with each one of you who are reading this, who knows me personally and I will learn more with the new people, the journey is too long and I am sure there is so much more to learn, see and a story to tell.

Speaking of my grandfather he was the man who loved me and now he is no more, but I had my best days with him and the best stories 🙂

not all blogs can motivate you there are some which takes you the people and places.

Love – Mitali Rawat

I’m OK – You’re OK

How many of you agreed on this statement of I’m ok you’re ok?

OR how many of you believe that every individual has their own perspective towards life and how they see an individual; many of us feel that he/she is not okay, they are not doing okay things; they are not focussing towards their goals and then we categorized them in a manner we want; because we think that we are okay and the other person is not.

In my school days, we are the same we used to follow the same rule of I’m Ok but you are not; that’s all right; perfectly fine, but then what happens is when you see everyone like this that you are not okay and I don’t want you or don’t want to talk to you because I’m OK!

Maybe it works with some; but what I feel is whether saying you are not okay why can’t we just say that I’m OK and you are also OK, that’s something which is easy and acceptable that people are different; you cannot make someone just like the way you are and the way you see life.

Every individual has their own experiences, they have their own journey which is going on, you cannot judge somebody by their statements or maybe I say by the actions.

I mean try to put them in your shoes, even if someone will keep telling me you are not okay, that will make me feel low and then I will cut off with such people whereas when someone is motivating me, accepting with all my flaws I will grow from everywhere with that person.

These days my daily statement of thought is that everyone has their own way of seeing things you can’t control somebody or maybe just you can’t yell at them because of this perspective issue; because they have a perspective for what all they have around them, how their life was and is now.

Personally, we should respect every individual because life is too less for hating someone just accept people and keep moving; just say it loud I’m OK and you’re OK maybe by that you will make someone’s day or a new friend.

With Love

Mitali Rawat

People do change!

Change is the only constant, isn’t it? And have you experienced something like this that you met someone after years and they tell you; you have changed a lot or maybe you didn’t change!

so what is good then you changed or you don’t?

Or what is bad then if you don’t want somebody to change with few things but they do!

Okay seems you are not getting the context so here I am telling you a story!

I met a guy through a common friend for the very first time in 2011 and we became so good friends we spend a good amount of years together and for me; he was my best friend; we used to talk for hours, meet a lot, roam and even fight a lot; later with the time, we started introducing each other to more people like his friends, my friends, his siblings and then my family.

He was not only a friend but I guess with time he became family and I guess being an outspoken person I confront him.

Then there was a day when he moved back to his hometown from my hometown; and every time I had someone whom I can talk about my life and I feel that he will be always there; the fact it doesn’t seem to happen!

He went and then I moved to another city, with the passing year we were in touch but there was a gap between us which was building and it was I guess somewhere my fault; I didn’t realize that people change with time hence I wasn’t.

And again after years we met, and I was trying to make the conversation with my best friend and then I realize that now he is no best friend and he is a different person now; he himself said PEOPLE DO CHANGE WITH TIME BUT YOU DIDN’T CHANGED!

It was somewhere a heartbreak for me, being a people minded person always seeing the best in people I realized that everyone is good and people don’t change for the one they care for, but that is what I think and it is unnecessary that what is me and you think the other person is thinking in the same direction; people have unique perspective and circumstances and they change them.

I felt bad that is it something wrong with me I am still the same and people everywhere is changing but then I realize that is the way I am, and if even your best friend is changing, there is nothing you can do with; there are few things which you can’t control; it’s okay to feel sad for some time but you cannot cry every day on the silly fact.

Let me know your thought on this.

With Love

Mitali Rawat

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