The Boys

THE Boys!

It was a usual day,  I was lazing around, and scrolling through Instagram, when I stumbled across a post by a guy named Priyavrat. ( now addressed as  Badoni.  mera yaar mera dusht dost). I liked the post and then landed on his Instagram profile which I found very interesting, especially his bio that read PART TIME JOB IN BENGALI SWEETS!

The Bio fairly lived up to its message since I observed, the guy loved sweets and visited the sweet shop on a daily basis.And then after reading the bio, I concluded that the love for sweets made him work at the sweet shop, ensuring he could eat and make them, at the same time. 

I grew curious to know more about him, so I pinged him on Instagram, urging him to carve out some time for a meet up. He readily agreed to meet on the same day, giving me a time slot between 3-6 pm, as the rest of his day was occupied with work. I agreed and as per our plan, picked him from a point near his place and we went for coffee. Speaking to him for a while, I discovered that he wasn’t really a part timer in the sweet shop, rather a stakeholder ! It was his dad’s shop. 

I wanted to write about him, but since I had met him for a brief while, I needed more meetings with him. So, I asked for more time. As we continued  meeting regularly, he told me about his life; how he went to delhi for studies and then came back and thought of helping his dad with the shop and its promotions, and how in the middle of all this, he managed his studies too.He told me how he loved dancing at weddings and how he and his cousin went cycling and also chilled together. 

And then I met his cousin too, a yoga trainer, much  younger than Badoni! Earlier, I thought that being Badoni’s brother, Siddharth would earn a feature on my page, but as I got to know him better, he became a really good friend in a very short span of time.

I always feel that everything that happens, has already been written and you meet people because it was destined to happen. The boys are now, “my boys” ! I love talking to them. They are very ambitious, extremely productive, always showing keenness in knowing what I do. I like such people – grounded, ambitious, straightforward, and who keep a track of their health.

Well, I am not explicitly endorsing these guys, but of course, I feel strongly connected with them, and feel great seeing them together, working really hard to help their families. 

I am not saying that they are doing something which is out of this world, or has never been done before but the sheer happiness I feel around them is overwhelming. They are the people, I would always want around me, always spreading their positive vibes and making me smile. 

I wish the world could be more like Priyavrat and Siddharth 🙂


When was the last time you felt breathless? Without any thoughts !
Just blank and full of positivity??
Do you remember?

When was it, you felt most alive?

I felt this way when I found Phullari- a homestay run by a very young guy from Delhi.

Now, you must be wondering why a guy from a metro who is running this homestay abandoned the metro at a time when the young generation is fleeing the hills and going towards metros.

I guess that’s what you call “following what you love !”

Saurabh, the guy who runs this homestay is originally from Rudraprayag, but long ago, his family moved to delhi, where he pursued his education – school and college.

When I first met him , I asked him what brought him here and why he named the place Phullari.
He told me about the very famous festival of phool de ( celebrated in Uttarakhand) where people thanked god for the good crop during spring, and as a grateful gesture,little girls decorated their doors with flowers.

Wow !

I mean someone could be so thoughtful before naming such a homestay !
Also, let me share this; it was the first place where I felt happy, and loved, and therefore I didn’t want to share this place with anyone. It was a place where I could actually sense God’s grace, the beauty, and the good vibes.
But then keeping this place to myself would mean great injustice to the person who runs the place, to my readers, and to everyone else who loves the peaceful mountains, and enjoys good food, and good vibes.

My personal experience was so good that I have landed there twice so far. It has been a very peaceful and refreshing experience on both visits with good food and good vibes. I am in love with that place.

It is a must-visit place. You could take a friend along and recount all the happy memories or talk about your career goals. You could visit it with your family, taking time off from the hustle-bustle of life. It is also an ideal spot for a date, where there is enough time and peace that you could literally hear the melody of your partner’s heartbeat
You could also go solo and relax !

The greenery, the cute little pets ( a dog and a cat ) will welcome you with great warmth.
And last but not the least, the host – Saurabh Trivedi – he is a champ who runs the place and manages everything, always with a sweet smile on his face and positive vibes to share.


Mitali Rawat

Why are we?

Everyone is following the same rules, study hard and then get a good job and then get married!

Then repeat the same with your offspring!

I would say we used to talk in public that the world needs prominent leaders, entrepreneur, a scientist but how do we get that?

Or we want only specific crowd will call the leaders and all?

Why can’t we tell every kid to be what they want to be, to do what they like to do?

Why can’t we tell them to be independent and live a life with no stress!

Why we cannot teach our kids the value of emotions, feelings, human or even a one who can breathe.

Why we cannot tell them how to be good with all, how to be kind.

How to love everyone without getting biased.

Why it is so tough.

If I may say that buddha was right whole life and he has all the points correct then what is the problem.

Why we are giving so much importance to the Millionaires?

Why we cannot see everyone with the same eye.

Nobody has the answers, because they want to follow the herd, they want to love only the power.

They want to love the one who doesn’t love them.

They have divided their criteria that he should be love and he should not!

He needs kindness, and he doesn’t

I would say again why can’t we can be good to each other, by knowing the fact that life is one, and it’s beautiful.

God raises us we are his child and we should love everyone with that eyes.

I hope one fine day everyone can love everyone with that one eye.

Eyes of god. 

Writing is my expression

Author – Mitali Rawat

What does‘writing’ mean to you? The feeling and the experience may differ from what it is for others.  For me, writing is an expression of love, which I cannot apprize. Though I can pen down a poem, a song, or a blog for you. It is my way of expressing my emotions and is something that comes very naturally to me. Whether I am sad, happy, or in love, writing my thoughts about it brings a big smile on my face.

If someone offers me a cup of coffee it may be hard for me to return the favor in the similar fashion, but I might end up writing something happily for him or her to bring a smile on his or her face. It is something that I would do by instinct. I would always choose written letters over spoken words to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Writing motivates me to catch the morning solitude, when there are no distractions but just thousands of thoughts and ideas rushing inside me and pushing me to craft my story. Every time I meet someone, I see a new chapter adding to my story and I feel how we are all destined to meet and create short stories. Surely, some give us bad memories and other good ones. I feel chronicling, these experiences is like building a time machine, so I can travel back anytime not to change anything but to reminisce the moments. Writing presents with me with a blank paper to pen out my heart’s desires and stories, so I can remember and actualize them. And it gives me a way to create something by which everyone can remember my writing style, my stories and me.

Remember one thing, do what makes you happy and do it more often because that’s what life is for.

In my 10 years of corporate and college, I never took a break from writing and always took out time to write for myself and for my dear ones. It made me feel alive and gave me a reason to always move forward in life.

Now that I have an ample amount of time at hand, which I can devote to enrich my passion and skill, I plan to address my thoughts and craft stories for millions out there to help them follow their passion. I want everyone to be happy, loved, and content and to follow their heart doing what they have desired to, since birth. There should not be a chance of regret in one’s life and that is why I write and why I am following what my heart has always been saying to me. What about you?

Life of a traveler

Follow your dreams

I always thought to travel and the only reason I know behind this is that it makes me happy and then one fine day I met a girl who travels all the hills and all the places where she feels most alive.
And in our conversation, I asked her what do you travel for, the journey or the destination?
And then she told me that by meeting people who live in the villages and exploring places where luxury life is not available makes her feel connected with them, to their spirit of survival, to their happiness, and to their big heart.
Their love for their culture and happiness in little things, cannot be found in big cities, everyone is running behind money, every second person is competing, whether for a job or for their kid’s well being or maybe for materialistic things like one’s body.
Everyone is trying to prove something to others or their own self but in all this, one is losing his or her own identity, happiness, self-satisfaction peace. When I talked to her she said she just wants to be in a small hut with her loved ones. She doesn’t need any luxury as her luxury is not important.
Rare are the people who can think and live like this, life is not easy and it would never be. But it’s on you how you live it and make it worthwhile.
Everyone should travel at least once a year, it makes you happy, it makes you realize that there should be a time to stop, breathe, and love yourself!
And trust me when people narrate their travel stories I feel like I’m already there on that journey. Think about how we would feel on that journey, the peace and the joy of that trip.
How about after every 2 months we can just spend some good time with our own self and make us better?
A traveler travels the world and then makes history from their experience and builds bridges of the future.
I still remember when I used to travel anywhere, there used to be a huge smile on my face. Cool breeze used to kiss my face and I used to feel alive!

By Mitali

Life during pandemic

Every day I look forward to a new way to live this life. I feel we are blessed to see the beauty around us to love what we can and I guess life is too short for hatred and to die for someone else mistakes!

Again I don’t know what exactly I am writing this time and due to this pandemic, I got all the chances to write back. Even the memory lane is so big that I feel I can pen down so many past things.  We always try to live in the present, but dwelling in the past   is not always wrong.

Don’t go back for regrets; go back to relive the happy moments that will make your mood light.

These days the weather is so good and everything seems to be very calm and quite but my question is that how will you change the daily routines out of it and how will you make it enjoyable?

How to be stress free!

The answer is within us; we need to dive deep inside ourselves and the answer will come out.

What kind of life you want and how to live that is in your hand, everyone is seeking for happiness but I guess the definition varies from one another

A married person wants to be free may be or a single one now wants to get settled!

A pair of shoes makes you happy or may be at times a drop of rain!

A cup of tea or a slice of bread.

Happiness is right there under your nose and may be in little things you are avoiding.

May be it is in a fight or perhaps it’s right there with your Dog!

You need to clear the glasses you are wearing and may be then life is much simpler and you can always start again.

You will miss today!

I always wanted to write but couldn’t find the time for it and today I got so much of time in my hands that I can write novels and encyclopedias. I never dreamed of a big house or a large sum of money. I always wanted to be with my loved ones and enjoy the sweet little things, like a cup of tea, good weather, sweet music or maybe just binge-watching shows with my di and jijs. Never thought of becoming a professional writer as such. Why would anybody pay me to write?

Always wanted to do something I really enjoy, Do something I wouldn’t need to force myself into, something I find happiness in.

For me, this lockdown is not really hard or maybe I am making it easy for myself! Maybe a few years ago it was not at all possible for me but now it’s not that hard. I have learnt to live in isolation. To be fulfilled with my sheer presence.

Seeing out of the window takes me back a few weeks, I used to tell my colleague that we hardly get a chance to see daylight and the sun because we are in this office all day and time just flies.

Of course, I miss my office, I miss every single thing, the way I used to enter and smile at my colleagues, how going to the washroom, making my hair and then getting a cup of coffee was a part of my daily regime.

I used to talk to my colleagues about how I spent my day and then I used to read the news, write my own thoughts on a piece of paper and share it with all. We used to discuss how we miss our families and how long office hours were making us fat.

Trust me now I understand the universe was listening to all our chatter and somewhere it retaliated!

So here we are now, you can enjoy the dusk and the dawn, workouts have become a usual pastime and those who could go home in time are safe with their families.

All our wishes have come true but at a cost, well I would say, cherish these moments because they shall pass too and tomorrow you will definitely miss this quarantine.

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