Vacation is over!

When I started writing it was always about what happened in the past; or what was it bothering me in the present? That way I used to calm myself; today when I am writing after almost leaving my hometown and moving to a new city. I am still thinking what to cover? Should I cover… Continue reading Vacation is over!

AIR is magical….

While speaking over a call with a darling friend, my eyes got stuck with the date and suddenly I realise that from tomorrow onwards it will be a valentine week! And just after that I took the memory lane of the most beautiful school days where we used to celebrate all these days with full… Continue reading AIR is magical….

The Boys

THE Boys! It was a usual day,  I was lazing around, and scrolling through Instagram, when I stumbled across a post by a guy named Priyavrat. ( now addressed as  Badoni.  mera yaar mera dusht dost). I liked the post and then landed on his Instagram profile which I found very interesting, especially his bio… Continue reading The Boys